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Lies, Secrets and THE TRUTH!

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  • Lies, Secrets and THE TRUTH!

    Would you say the truth and hurt people?

    Did it happen to discover a dark secret for a friend of yours?

    What did you do?

    Said it?

    Tried to forget it?

    If you hear people gossiping for someone you know,

    would you go tell him/her so?

    Can you keep secrets?

    Do you believe in "Always say the truth!"

    Or you believe in:

    "Don't hesitate to lie if you can save a Fight,

    or if you are about to make someone Happy!"

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    Difficult subject Kostas!

    In principle I believe that lying is wrong of course, but
    I think most of us have told a "white lie" to save another's feelings or our own skin!

    For instance if you hate your birthday gift from a friend, you wouldn't say so, rather,
    "Gee! It's just what I wanted, thank you!"

    Or, to avoid being scolded, "Sure I cleaned my teeth Mum!"

    I also have known people who have used telling the truth as a weapon,
    to be unnecessarily unkind, using the "Truth" as their excuse.

    As for telling someone of gossip about them, we have the phrase - Don't shoot the messenger!
    I think people might be more upset with you for telling them, than the ones who are doing the gossiping.

    I suppose it all depends on the specific situation.

    Keeping secrets is fine so long as none gets hurt.
    Again it depends on circumstances and you have to decide whether keeping a secret hurts anyone,
    including your self.



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      Yes Jenny, very hard subject!

      All you say are very true!

      There is a very thin line between doing the right thing,

      or keeping the truth to yourself, trying to protect someone, usually a friend.

      I hate it when i hear anyone gossiping, so i tell them to stop,

      or i will go and tell it to the person who the gossip was for.

      Innocent lies are not bad, but as you say, it all depends on circumstances.

      Here in Greece,

      the one who keeps a secret and he can be trusted,

      we call him ... "grave!"

      Which means, your secrets are safe with him/her for ever!

      I am known as "grave" too!

      I would never reveal a secret that someone has told me ...


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        This a such a hard topic and I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.

        It is always better to tell the truth....and this is one of the most important things

        parents try to instill in their children.

        I don't think that telling the truth is the right thing to do in all circumstances....

        for instance....a coworker is wearing something you would not be caught dead in....

        and she says "How do you like my new blouse? "....

        well I would simply say "It looks great on you."....

        I certainly wold never tell her it is horrid.

        I hate when people gossip....but unfortunately it is very common....

        I for one try not to pay any attention to it and I certainly would never repeat it to anyone else....

        because the majority of the time it is always something mean and most likely untrue.

        As for secrets....I have no problem keeping them....

        and I never tell when someone asks me not to say a word about it....

        but I try my best to not have someone tell me their secret.




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          I think this is an interesting thread....too bad there is nobody around to post in it.

          I think that little white lies are used by many people....such as those who say they have no time

          to come here and support this place when I know that for at least one person.....not saying who that person is.....

          I have seen him spending hours playing mini clip games and has not once come here

          while we few were here asking for support.

          Could be this person has another using his account...which would explain it....but I don't believe that.


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            Thank you Linda, let's hope for the best for the forum!