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What will cause the next world war?

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  • What will cause the next world war?

    Statistically war has been said to be an inherently rare event. However we fear the day when people might again globally turn against each other.

    What in your opinion may cause the next big conflict between nations?

    At the moment I'm most concerned about the effects of climate change. The Earth is already overpopulated in some areas and the changing conditions may drive people to search for new living places if temperature rises significantly. Water scarcity could be one big factor that could quickly escalate to a worldwide disaster.

    Or are you confident that the world peace remains and we are smart enough to avoid major conflicts?

    When you look back in history, is it actually the country leaders, who have started the wars, above anything else? Can we blame politics, religion or conditions for starting the wars or do things rather culminate in the actions of certain individuals?

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    There won't be another world war. And "climate change" is the biggest scam in human history.


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      Climate is changing. Earth's average temperature has risen and it will have effects. Extreme weather conditions are becoming more usual. Tropical storms are occurring more often, sea level rise threatens huge areas of population.

      I'm not so sure though if humans have had as significant impact in global warming as is claimed. But humans may cause big disaster by for example building nuclear plants in volcanic areas.


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        My money would be on either one of or a combination of the three main factors that have been the root causes of 99.999% of all wars in human history.....

        Greed, Belligerence, Pride.....

        It will also no doubt be a result of the countries involved leaders actions/inactions.... as have all "World War" level wars....the days of tribes rising as one against an enemy are long gone.....As a general rule nowadays, nations as whole cannot agree on anything even within their own governance and issues...for an entire nation to rise as one against another state in todays world is just not feasible or as I said, it will be the leaders behind any war that comes about....

        I honestly do not think that even the biggest emotional issue with people...Religion....can cause "World War" levels of conflict, it has not done so yet, despite the efforts of many.....