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  • Republican?

    If you are one and these past days you have had to swallow all this royal-baby hype, you're not alone.

    Are you one?

    Which system is fairer? better? less corrupt? more economic?

    Coming from a country where the royal family is chock-full of corruption cases, spends inconsiderately and is completely useless, you can guess what side I'm on.

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    The British governments argument is that the Royal Family here bring in over 10 Billion in tourism each year. They have no function in the realistic government of Britain only preforming a ceremonial role.

    That said, like the Olympics it only benefits London and I fully understand why Scotland wants independence. I just wish a Bill would be drawn up that includes the North of England as well.

    Let the Royal Family carry on as head of state to 14 countries, including Canada and Australia, as long as they fund themselves instead of being heavily state funded.

    The British Royal Family has huge income from the vast amount of land it owns throughout the UK and the world yet the Queen alone gets 36 million each year from the British Taxpayer. It staggers me when I have to budget down to the price of a loaf of bread.

    I guess that would make me republican, but then again I am somewhat against the entire way the British political system is heading.

    David Cameron, British PM after election "We are all in it together", and my response is yes but some are touching a toe in "it" yet others are up to their necks and over their heads in "it", whatever "it" may be.

    Mentioning the "Olympic Legacy" again putting the UK into huge debt it is supposed to live on yet in my nearby city the local stadium is closing as is the local swimming pool and leisure centre, because of a lack of funding. The thing is London is booming and the rest of the UK is beyond broke.

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      Any opportunity to not be as boring as France is good enough for me.

      The royals in the UK and further afield in Europe have had such a profound impact on the makings of our respective countries for thousands of years. They're intertwined with national history, a rich tapestry, you can't separate the two. Other newer countries, such as the USA, don't have this. It's not something you can buy, it's heritage. It would be a shame to just to dump it on a whim.

      The royals had to adapt, and are still adapting further. They still have to earn their position. By all means, if they're taking the pizz, kick them out.

      However I still feel the UK royals currently have a role in society. They do a lot of good work with regards to national service, acting as patrons for thousands of charities and as figureheads for the country. These are massively different roles to what Prime Ministers/Presidents do, therefore I feel there is a valid place for them.


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        Royal family is to UK like Hollywood to USA. Entertainment.


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          I am republican. Strongly and forever.

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            Now remember for next time to not try to dive into your toilet. [M4 IV, 08.09.14]


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              This whole £369 million to the royal family here in the UK is one of the reasons I'm completely in disagreement with "royalty".

              Royalty is the absolute epitome of inequality. Whilst here in the UK we go through cuts in the name of "austerity measures" to education and health services, a group of people who are already rich enough to pay for it rely on the public. Again.

              Edit: Wow this thread is old hahahaha


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                I AM A REPUBLICAN


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                Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way...


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                  Such a funny thread. Why are Americans so wrong all the time.


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                    Originally posted by sizzzler View Post
                    Such a funny thread. Why are Americans so wrong all the time.
                    Sizzzler, coming from a Republic yourself namely Eire I will take your post as a joke, but it has been brought to my attention that in my absence you have started digging at Nela, something I'm not happy with.

                    Dig at me instead like a Lepricorn, I look forward to your reply having deep roots myself in Co Down, and disagreeing with Royalism, especially state funded Royals, when homelessness has hit record high's of over 5000 and the Royal family get a benefit check of over 3m a week overall. That would build homes for the homeless over and over, and feed the 1.5 million families that at times have to rely on Foodbanks (Charity foodbaskets) each week due to the huge benefit cuts in the UK started by David Cameron and "We are all in it together" in 2010 and still 7 years later making the Rich richer and the poor Poorer.

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                      Well...this is awkward..

                      Sorry if this offends but I really don’t dig either of you. Nothing personal, I just prefer people who can spell.

                      Republican seems to mean different things to different people.

                      Is there anyone in America who isn’t a republican?