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  • I'm wondering on a train station
    I am wandering the concourse
    I have somewhere to go
    I don't know where I am going

    It is that sense of doubt,
    That allows the question?
    'where are you going?'

    The question of destination
    The quest of destiny

    Fear not, for it is already decided.


    • Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      I am here now
      Dont worry i came for you


      • The fox was in a fix! His Sox numbered six?
        He only had four paws!
        He hadn't foresaw this eventuality...
        The vixen didn't have this problem!
        And so she chuckled to herself.

        The Fox was boxing,
        He had his foxgloves on,
        The box was made of cardboard!
        He didn't wan't to get a paper cut.
        Meanwhile, the vixen, was mixin'
        A cocktail...

        The Fox had the pox,
        Drank one of the vixen's cocktails,
        You see.



        • The crow caught A murderer of crows
          And the crow court
          After a lot of deliberation
          The murder of crows
          Decided on the fate of the crow
          It was taken to a higher order
          The crown court
          It was a right carrion
          It was eventually decided
          That the crow was guilty
          Of nothing more
          Than being
          In the crowd


          • I feel like E.T. ... !
            I have more fingers
            But we feel the same

            If I was lost
            With an etch-a-sketch
            I'd draw a picture of home

            I Feel like Gizmo
            Imagine never eating chicken
            After midnight
            And water is a problem!
            is he he silicon based?
            Or just afflicted.

            If I was lost
            With an etch-a-sketch
            I'd draw a picture of home

            As I descend the levels
            Of hell
            I take comfort in the fact
            I can level up
            Maintaining my status
            Amongst the hoardes
            Of villains
            All on the same level

            It takes a classical education
            To remember the name of plants
            In Latin

            I'm drawing a picture
            Of what I remember
            as home
            on my etch-a-sketch
            But I am shaken



            • D D sus 2
              D sus 4
              I fingered you all night
              But I never struck the right chord

              I slid down your G-string
              And you howled
              Which was amazing feedback
              But I realized I was a little close to the amp

              I Was never too good at bending
              I could never really pull it off
              I always enjoyed hammering on
              But I have to let this slide

              My tremelo arm is weak
              I had it pegged
              But the nut
              Well I fretted it
              I was open
              On a dropped tuning
              That takes balls
              To capo it all off

              You take it in the neck
              It's all in the wrist
              The body of your work
              Is a strum

              I am stringing you all along



              • A means to an end
                But, where to begin?
                At the end.
                ​​​​​Meaning begins,
                Pleading for an end.
                The End.
                Comes swiftly
                ​​​​​​It ends before it begins

                Meaning ends where it begins
                Which means
                The begining is near

                so long.

                This poem is so long!
                It needs to end.
                It should never really have begun!
                It was a means to an end ..

                A mean way to end it.





                • Ostriches
                  Bury their heads in the sand!
                  Which is a good way to fill time
                  The sand of which
                  Cooks an egg
                  In 3 minutes
                  A minute amount of time
                  Comparable to a grain of sand
                  But have you ever looked at a sand,
                  under a microscope?
                  You can't
                  As it is under the microscope
                  Is it the sand which that engulfs
                  The head of the Ostrich
                  Making an Ostrich head Sandwich
                  Yu'd have to be rich to buy it
                  Poor to eat it
                  Quicksand is a slow way to die
                  You die of exposure
                  Which is ironic


                  • The sands of time
                    Washed away by the light of the moon

                    The tide is high
                    Tormented by the land
                    The waves subside

                    Harbouring doubt
                    The ship
                    Anchored fast

                    The fog
                    On the horizon

                    The dog
                    Runs freely on the beach


                    • A legend is afoot...
                      Sandals, scandalously
                      Socked it to him
                      Toeing the line
                      His heel was killing him!
                      Arched as it was
                      Due to the fact he was on tiptoes
                      The moment his perpetual spirit
                      Left his body
                      as he bowed
                      The arrow shoed
                      The apple fell
                      The worms feasted


                      • A poem ?
                        Why should I write one here
                        It's obvious for all to see
                        There is no one to care
                        Even if I took the time
                        To actually do the deed
                        How many would take the time
                        To stop and actually read
                        We're in a common place
                        But go our separate ways
                        Strangers passing in the night
                        And also through the days


                        • Up Arthur's Seat
                          I spoke to a Carribbean man
                          The crowd had cleared
                          The rain held off
                          After the sunshine departed
                          You stand on ceremony
                          You want to be up a hill
                          That's the thrill
                          Freedom is within shouting distance as you scream inside


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                            • Off for a trot... Quick feces,
                              Horsing around, Long faces
                              Wonder what my neigh-bour thinks?
                              Just taking the reigns.
                              Life is a long walk home,
                              Try walking it in horseshoes.


                              • Roses are red
                                Violets are blue
                                You make me sing
                                That is why i am here


                                • The sirens call so gentle and sweet
                                  Away I must go to them I must meet
                                  Into the cold waters of the ocean deep
                                  There I shall lay and forever sleep.


                                  • What if...
                                    Reincarnation was real!
                                    you could be a good person Gardening or something
                                    But you used a fertilizing product
                                    To feed your plants
                                    It wasn't really organic
                                    A small bird pops up on the wet soil
                                    Pulls out a worm
                                    Karma puts two and two together
                                    As usual gets five
                                    But the twist is
                                    You were incarnated as small bird
                                    And that small bird led a good life
                                    saved a worm from a puddle of fertilizer
                                    Became a human
                                    That liked gardening
                                    But wasn't very good at poetry
                                    The essence of poetry
                                    Is trying...

                                    (This poem won't be formatted correctly but I am not fixing it).


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                                      • Break of dawn
                                        Break the fast
                                        Break your back

                                        Take a break

                                        Break yourself
                                        Break in
                                        Break the law


                                        Break out
                                        Break it all in


                                        ​​Break the bank
                                        What a break

                                        Put the brakes on

                                        Break off
                                        Break your heart
                                        Break up

                                        Break in a new pair of shoes


                                        • 20 Seconds and counting
                                          T minus 15 seconds
                                          Guidance is internal
                                          To fall from grace
                                          A dance eternal
                                          The abyss