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To know or not to know?

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  • To know or not to know?

    This is going to be a rather open-ended thread. And I know some of you are not too keen on open-ended threads. But the central idea of this question goes straight to philosophy and how we live our lives. Take your time, if needed, with your answer (because I certainly need time to answer this myself).

    My central question: is it better to know or not to know?

    From there... is any Forumer set on one of those options no matter what the situation? And in a world where you could only know or not to know (and nothing in between), which would you choose? Have at it, folks!

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    I'm not the type of person to choose only between two.

    What I would like to know now is that surely I must be the only one here with posting rank "The One and Only"?