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I need my SPACE!

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  • I need my SPACE!

    I cleaned my keyboard thoroughly because especially my P was annoyingly sticky. I opened the keyboard, removed all keys and all crumbs and lumps and washed the plastic parts under running water. It's always an exciting moment to put the pieces back together - to see if it will work at all anymore.

    Now everything else works perfectly - well, aside from me not finding snack bits between the keys anymore - except the space bar. It's not quite in its place and I have to hit it hard each time. This results in more typing errors than what I normally do. I'm still reluctant to open the keyboard once again.

    How often do you clean your keyboard? Did you ever find anything interesting in there... gulp...

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    I used to find a cigarettes worth of tobacco inside mine when I was a smoker. You'd get a nice beefy roll up out of a years worth of typing. There was the odd hair or ten in there. Good filler.


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      I replace mine every six months.

      max listening devices I have found is two.

      max time found is 40. I have found more down the sides of the couch tbh.


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        Heehaa... I've also put letters 'ö' and 'ä' in reverse order. It wouldn't affect anything I type in English but it does in Finnish. I use 10 finger typing so imagine if I don't check some awkward mistakes might stay in some official texts... For example 'märkä' becomes 'mörkö' (wet vs bogeyman).


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          I once removed the spacebar and the plastic that held that little metal clip that holds the spacebar snapped, making the spacebar sit lower than it should. It still worked but was loose and not at all springy and felt unnatural.

          True story.


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            Wow there's actually people posting in other rooms besides than the 8 ball pool room!!!
            I'm dating myself, but I'm still using my old wired IBM keyboard by Lexmark! I still love the "clicky" sound and feel of every key! It's easy to clean and built like a tank.

            Ok back to the 8 Ball Pool room... I've been gone too long already!