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  • Hotel California

    Plenty of rooms here. Shady places.

    We have guests, but it's quiet. Now and then a woman runs fast through a corridor, shouts to all empty rooms, goes to laundry room to arrange the linen... thinks she's helping the cleaning lady, takes stairs up and runs through another corridor, shouting to all empty rooms.

    The tired cleaning lady roams in the rooms, she has to go through them all because someone touched the doorknobs and she has to do the laundry again because someone messed with the linen.

    We have permanent art exhibitions in empty rooms, exotic lady living in the penthouse, janitors behind the locked doors silently watching security cameras, sealing rooms. We have a couple or two meeting in secret rooms.

    There is a pool hall... but all balls are inside the tables and the cues are broken. People still meet in the pool hall behind all that cobweb, talk about the game, how it used to be the greatest...

    We have restaurants, but there is no service. The vending machines are out of order.

    The jukebox plays an old tune, if you kick it.

    We never run out of coffee...

    The lobby downstairs is full of guests, wearing masks. The owner... has not managed to trick them to book a room yet... ​​​


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    Why is that woman running through corridors and shouting to all the empty rooms? What does she shout? “Dinners ready!” Or “Fire! Fire!’.Or “ Any one in there?” Is she a little “off “ ?


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      It's all a trick of the light.


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        I need to check the basement now...


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          California needs help


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            Originally posted by Christmoz View Post
            It's all a trick of the light.
            Maybe someone kicked that jukebox and it’s playing
            …the Villagers “ A trick of the light” ?
            ” My heart is spilling over
            Crashing on the ground
            I can’t see around me
            But soon I’ll come around …

            …And if I see a sign in the sky tonight
            No one’s gonna tell me it’s a trick of the light
            And there’s an ocean in my body
            And there’s a river in my soul
            And I’m crying ……
            And I’ve got so far to go
            So I’ll take what I can get
            In matters of the soul “


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              Originally posted by VulvasAur View Post
              I need to check the basement now...
              And the closets in those rooms too .
              There could be skeletons in there !


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                Originally posted by Cheetah Girl View Post
                California needs help
                Yes. Definitely needs a makeover and hotel promoter .


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                  I checked the attic, David Bowie is up there all spaced out.


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                    Originally posted by Christmoz View Post
                    I checked the attic, David Bowie is up there all spaced out.
                    Oh! Oh! He’s really spaced out ! Calling for Major Tom !
                    He’s floating in a most particular way !
                    Thinking he’s sitting in a tin can ! Says he’s far above the world and that the planet Earth is blue and that there’s nothing he can do !

                    Get him out from that basement !
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                      This hotel sure was grand before! Lots of interesting stories … that exotic lady in the pent house …


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                        Also New York needs help. Anyone ?


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                          Hell has a basement! What depravity goes on there...


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                            Took me a week to get back up!

                            What a sight... dozens, if not even hundreds of skeletons sitting at the computers... the army of players forgotten there by AG.