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Love, peace and harmony.

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  • Love, peace and harmony.

    So I was looking for a hoody (hoodie), something not too heavy? A lightweight hoodie (hoody) something you could wear out running. Something that would keep you warm, but not sweat excessively? Something Prince Andrew could wear at a pizza restaurant.

    Anyhow. For some reason I wanted to declare my love of Nitzer Ebb on said Hoodeiy,.but nothing was forthcoming?

    It's fucking 2022. I searched Amazon. I really did. The first two pages, all the Chinese variants of the same product.

    Yes, I checked! WOODFUN, HAPYLUV, KUMKWAT all of them. They had recycled plastic condoms made into elaborate technology that lighted via USB whilst your wore it on your bicycle.

    ​​​​​​I Tried Wayfair! It was all second hand carpets that had been used previously for human trafficking. Vinted was like a charity shop in the eighties. Ebay is imaginary, it doesn't really exist.

    I bought insurance for elderly people though. Tons of that. Gonna make a mint when they all pop their clogs.

    Love, peace and harmony...very nice, very nice, very nice but maybe in the next life.

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    Pass me the spliff.


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      Originally posted by MaDsEaSoN View Post
      Pass me the spliff.


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        Originally posted by Christmoz View Post
        Hope you're doing well Moz!