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Write-Off Press Conference Ft. Spike and Rigs

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  • Write-Off Press Conference Ft. Spike and Rigs


    Off Camera:

    Spike: This guy.... Can't even show up on time for the press conference... I gotta blow this one up.

    Ben Dover: Why don't we start because the fans are standing bye on the live stream?

    Spike: I'm ready, I'm a one man show thats why I'm the champion.

    Ben Dover: Johnny role the c--

    Spike: hang on hang on....

    Ben Dover: what?

    Spike: let me tip this bottle right quick... I need some liquid courage

    Ben Dover: Is that sour apple Jack Daniels?

    Spike: Damn Skippy hippie.

    Ben Dover: Can I have some?

    Spike: Do I look like a god damn liquor outlet? Roll the damn camera!

    Red light goes on:

    Ben Dover: This is from WriterWars.com and welcome to the Warzone where the best writers come to hash out their differences... or take a swing at each other. Unfortunately Rigs is not--

    Spike: Ain't here! Punked out like when I talked to him backstage at the Mini Awards show when I destroyed his pretty piece of MC BS! Hahah!!! He tried to talk down to me like I was Retrodude.

    Ben Dover: Let go back to the Award show because that's were this all started isn't it?

    Spike: You know the answer to that question all ready you mororn. You were there. This is a crappy way to start off this show. Everyone knows we had beef there. The real question is why. See Ben Dover, I'm better at your job then you are. Maybe I should retire, how much you make a year?

    Ben Dover: Well...I actuall--

    Spike: IT DOESN”T MATTER WHAT YOU MAKE! I run the MC. I run this studio. I'm not taken over I'm already here. I ain't going nowhere. I will defend my championship belt and I am the best...EVER.

    Ben Dover: Ok...Sorry...Um.... Well.... Describe the scene backstage when the two of you met at the Minis.

    Spike: I didn't know who he was. I thought he was a tourist. There was a bus that had pulled up and he freaked out like he was being deported. He tried to pet the bus while feeding it a carrot. I asked his translator what he was saying and he replied “woah big fella... I wont hurt you.” as he took his belt off to try to lasso the bus. I tried to help this kid out. I guess he's not used to being around civilized people so I told him I could replace his translator guy with an app on his phone for a $1.99. I guess there is no translation for “phone” in his language either.

    Ben Dover: To be fair, Rigs comes from a very distinguished country of writers. He has a black belt in Write-so-doo and Bill-Kwan-Kie under the legendary Dracopile.

    Spike: having a black belt under that club pengion sell-out is like saying he got a free toy in his happy meal. Rigs was big fish in a small pond until I made him famous.

    Ben Dover: Ok Spike... slow down... bud tell us what started the beef.

    Spike stands up.

    Spike: Excuse me. Don't interrupt the show, MY show with your stupid hair cut and cheesy tie. No one cares about you they are here for me....What was the question?

    Ben Dover...

    Spike: Damn, son, cat got your tongue?

    Ben Dover: Am I supposed to talk now?

    Spike: Its your show pal.

    Ben Dover: What started the beef?

    Spike: When He finds out I won the award and he didn't he thought it was a good idea to refuse my hand shack. I find out later he challenged me on twitter to a write-off. I accepted and now I'm about to make this chump famous.

    Ben Dover: What are the rules of engagement for this?

    Spike: This is whats going to go down! I fired the first shot with “Stitch in Time. Can't no one top that! Believe it!! Now its his turn. I don't care if it takes him 10 years to post his pathetic story I'll wait. Who cares what its about? Mine is better PERIOD! I propose a 3 episode contract (best of 3) voted on by MY FANS. No character limit write a sentence or a novel it don't matter to me.

    Ben Dover: Well we are almost out of time. Predict this write off for us.

    Spike: I said Don't interrupt me again... You look a weasel and you smell like an ashtray. This ain't no write off. This is a fight! A 3 round war with another legend.


    I'll tell you whats going to happen blow by blow. When he nuts up and stands on stage for the face off I'm gonna trash talk him into submission. He's gonna pose for the shoot then cry backstage realizing his career is over.

    First round: Me slapping him up left and right.


    Second round he's gonna come out gunning and catch me a few times. The boy does have heart but It wont last long. I'll rightfully win that round but the fans will want to see my next episode so they will give the nod to Rigs.


    Last round: Submission....


    Now I Let everyone know who the real MC of the MC is.


    But after that....after that....


    Then we hug it out and grab some dinner.
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    Haha dude I missed this in the shuffle. Let's do it, I'm down, just need to carve out some time to write something.


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      Lol... I thought I might I might of Peed you off for a minute. I noticed you online a few times after I wrote this but you hadn't replied. I thought surely you would get a kick out of that then start talking mad trash about how Vera left me to get with you (true strory - ok maybe not but still) and How you were the one who set my brand new trailer on fire using the technique I demonstrate here: