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  • The Stargate: Season 1 pilot

    This one is for your Rigs. The network needed at least one show. I came up with this off the top of my head. I doubt anyone will read it but it was fun making it. If on the off chance someone likes it I will post more on a designated date and time. I already have the story in my head.

    The Stargate

    Season 1: Pilot

    My name is Spike. I've died twice now. I sit locked up in a pure white room waiting for someone to come and interrogate me. I don't know were I am but I know I'm in space. And I'm smack dab in the middle of a battle. War is nothing new to me. But neither is death at this point.
    3 hours ago I was deep in the jungles of Russia. My mission was to infiltrate a Russian nuclear silo located on a deserted island. The island had been taken over by Russian rebels. They demanded that the USA hand over their imprisoned comrades or they would fire the nuke. Nikoli Emelieniko, the rebel commander was not one to bluff.

    The explosions stop and so does the shaking. I wait roughly 15 minutes before 3 men enter the room. They all had sidearms that ive never seen before. Only one man spoke to me.

    Marks: I am August Marks.
    Marks: And you are?
    Spike: Im boned...
    Marks: Ill ask you again, who are you?
    Spike: My name is Spike.
    Marks: Are you a spy for the Alliance
    Spike: The h*ll is the Alliance?
    Marks: How did you get aboard this ship
    Spike: I just appeared...
    Marks: Yea out of thin air. How did you do that?
    Spike: Buddy you wont believe a word of it. I'm so screwed.....
    Marks: Tell me how you got aboard this vessel.
    Spike: Alright.... I was born in the earth year 1983. I died for the first time in the earth year 2015.After that I woke in 1956. I died again in 1964 and Then I ended up here. I'm jumping through time and I don't know how.
    Marks: You died? You look pretty good for a dead man. Earth is half way across the galaxy. How did you get here? Earth doesn't posses the capability of star travel.
    Spike: What happened to earth?
    Marks: Nothing happened to earth. It's still the same planet rotting in chaos.
    Spike: I need to get back.
    Marks: You are a prisoner. You are not going anywhere. Tell me why you are here.
    Spike: I told you I died and I materialized here. I died saving the world from a maniac. Next thing I know I'm here.

    I declined to tell him about the entity that came to me after I died the first time. When I woke up inside the shack of an army training facility *in Ohio I damn near had a heart attack. The last thing I remember is fighting off a horde of raiders trying to protect my wife and son. The world collapsed. My family and I lived in nothing but chaos. I refused to watch them die. I would fight until I died to protect them. That's exactly what I did. When I woke in 1956 there was a glowing entity that appeared to me. He appeared as a blue and gold serpent.

    Spike: What... what is going on?
    Serpent: Your life as you know it is over. But you still have work to do in this universe.
    Spike: My wife and son? Are they ok?
    Serpent: In time... All will become clear.
    Spike: What does that mean?
    Serpent: Follow your path and all wishful secrets will be known.

    Just like that he was gone. Marks wasn't impressed with my story

    Marks: You appear out of nowhere on our ship in the middle of a battle. You have this crazy story. All this raises a few red flags with me. How did you get aboard this ship?
    Spike: I already told you!

    Marks instructs the 2 men to take me to the airlock. He plans to toss me into the vacuum of space. I ready myself for a fight and that's when I hear a voice instruct them to stop. He walks and faces me.

    Hunt: I am William Hunt, Captain of this ship. I will ask you a few questions. Answer truthfully or we will know. What is your name?
    Spike: Spike.
    Hunt: Are you a member of the Alliance?
    Spike: No.
    Hunt: Are you a threat to my ship?
    Spike: No.
    Hunt: Where are you from?
    Spike: Earth
    Hunt: Are you a threat to this ship?
    Spike: I am not a threat to this ship!
    Hunt: Stargate?
    Stargate: He appears to be telling the truth.
    Spike: Stargate?
    Hunt: You aboard an old colonial warship. Her name is Stargate.
    Spike: She's an AI?
    Hunt: To me she is a friend. She is alive. Stargate... Scan subjects physiology
    Stargate: Scan complete. He is a human male.
    Spike: Please... Take me to earth.
    Hunt: why would you go to that h*llhole? Society collapsed 200 years ago.
    Spike: I need to find out what happened to my family
    Hunt: I'm sorry... but we cannot do that. *Earth is on the other side of the universe.
    Spike: So what happens to me? Your ship says I'm telling the truth.
    Hunt: I believe that you believe your story. But I don't know yet if you are a threat or not. For now you will stay in the brig.

    The 2 men lead me at gunpoint toward the brig. After I died in 1964 I just appeared on the ship in front of two men. Not the ones who lead me now. They pulled guns on me and my instincts took over. I hit the first guy with a judo throw disarming him in the process. I place my knee on his throat cutting off his air supply. The second man aims at me and fires a shot. I roll to my left and jump up grabbing his gun. I knee him in his stomach and back him against the wall. He drops his gun and I knock him out with an elbow to his face. The first guy jumps back up and grabs me from the back. I throw my head backwards into his face and he lets go. I hit him with a spinning wheel kick to the head and he went down. I grabbed a gun and begin to run down a long corridor until I reached a large window the size of a large plasma screen tv. What I saw paralyzed me. We were traveling in space. Next thing I know I see the Captain holding a weapon. He fires what looks like a plasma beam and I wake up in the interrogation room.

    My guards take me down a long corridor to two doors that are labeled transporter. The doors open and a box like room was revealed. There was a touch screen control panel that one of the guards uses to set our destination. The doors close and about 5 seconds later the doors open and we are on a different level of the ship. They lead me down a different corridor. To a room labeled Brig with 3 holding cells. Each contain a bed and toilet. They lead me to the closest cell where they lock me in. After 6 hours of sitting here the boredom is unbearable. I began to strike up a conversation with the guards. Attempted to I should say. They sat silently playing cards. Finally one guard became agitated and walked over to the cell. He slammed his gun against the cage and told me to shut my mouth before my jaw ends up on the floor. How rude. Just as soon as he walked back to his desk Marks walks in. *The captain wants to have a word with me he says. They place restraints on my wrists and escort me to the captains quarters. The captain instructs me to wait for a second. He is holding a device that resembles a tablet as we had on earth. He finishes his final touches with his fingers before tossing the tablet on his desk.

    Hunt: Sit down Spike.
    Spike: Don't mind if I do. It looks much more comfortable than the bed in my cell.
    Hunt: Yes, sorry about that
    Spike: What did you want to see me about.
    Hunt: You are puzzling. You are a human. Humans come from earth. Earth no longer has the capability of space exploration.
    Spike: That's because society collapsed.
    Hunt: Yes. You are human. How in the h**l did you get here?
    Spike: I told you already...
    Hunt: Start again from the very beginning.
    Spike: Alright... I was born in 1983. I lived a normal life. I got married to the love of my life in 2005.She was my soulmate. We had a baby boy in 2006. We were happy. When Society collapsed we were forced to flee our home and run deep into the woods. Thankfully survival skills was a hobby of mine. I knew how to start a fire. I knew how to build shelter. I was able to keep them safe... for a while.
    Hunt: How did you defeat 2 of my best men? I watched the recording. You have been extensively trained.
    Spike: I learned all of that in my second life. I was a member of an elite group in the military. Lets stick to my first life for now. I was out exploring one day when I come across a shack with a ham radio and a generator. There was a message on loop.

    Radio: Come to Utopia. We can provide shelter and security. We are located north west in the state of *Delaware. Beware. Our defenses are advanced. *If you are hostile deadly force will be used.

    I had a working compass. I thought this might be our shot at safety. I discussed it with my wife and she agreed we should try and make it. Thankfully we lived on the Maryland line. Delaware wasn't far.

    Marks knocks on the captains open door. He tells him that they have a situation that requires his attention. The captain bids me farewell. They take me back to my cell where I lay down on this one inch thick mattress. I begin to drift off. Memories spark. I see my wife in her beautiful wedding dress. This is my first life. I see my son receive multiple honor roll certificates. I see our house by the lake. Then I see the end.... Phoenix was the love of my life. No one could ever replace her. And Jackson was my light. *I see the explosions and the riots. I need to get back home. I need to find out what happened to them.

    I wake up screaming and sweating. I sit up and put my head in my hands. I begin to cry. My guard right now asks me if I was okay. I replied that when you live more than one lifetime you tend to become haunted by ghosts. He asks me if I need a drink of water. I replied yes that would be great. He walks over to a table with a pitcher and pours some water into a plastic cup. He then hands it to me saying here you go. Thank you I replied. I then asked him what his name was and he replied Helo. The door to the room opens and a blond haired women walks in. She looks at Helo

    Helo: Hey Vera.
    Vera: Hey Helo. Just need a minute with the prisoner.
    Spike: who are you?
    Vera: I'm the pilot of this ship. My name is Vera Lynn
    Spike: I feel special. First the captain wants to see me and now the pilot.
    Vera: Your creating quite a buzz around here. A human that appeared out of nowhere claiming to be a time traveler. That's very interesting.
    Spike: I'm not a time traveler. Why does everyone keep saying that?
    Vera: What would you call someone that jumps through time?
    : Uh....
    Vera: Yea...
    Spike: What do you want with me lady?
    Vera: I was just curious. Like I said you created quite a buzz around here.
    Spike: So I'm famous
    Vera: Yea... that's not always a good thing.
    Spike: You know.... with all the crap going on I never asked why you look so human yourself.
    Vera: we created your civilization.
    Spike: What?
    Vera: My race was the first to establish great cities with technology. Eventually some left for the stars but some remained. When they were largely destroyed by earth change the survivors settled among the primitives. They began to teach and interbred. Our genetic markers are slightly different than yours but they are virtually identical. For example our typical life span is 170 years.
    Spike: Shouldn't you have a different language than English?
    Vera: I don't speak English. The nano bots in your body allow you to communicate with any registered races in our database.
    Spike: what?! What the h**l did you do to me?
    Vera: Relax that is their sole purpose.
    Spike: How do I know that?
    Vera: Well... you don't.

    She smiles as if she gained some kind of victory and she gets up and walks out the door. Helo is laughing his a** off.

    Helo: She doesn't like you.
    Spike: I don't require her too.

    A week has passed. I haven't had any visitors. At least I had Helo to keep me company. I guess you can say we became friends. I'm sleeping. Dreaming about the destruction of my home. She comes to me... Phoenix.

    Phoenix: You have to find me.
    Spike: *Phoenix?
    Phoenix: You have to find me Spike.
    Spike: How? Baby tell me how.
    Phoenix: Follow your path and all wishful secrets will be known.

    I wake up screaming and sweating again. Helo rushes to get me some water and a rag. My mind is still wondering. That wasn't the first time my wife has come to me. In 1964 I was on the most important mission of my life. There was a real possibility that nuclear war was about to break out. I was the top specialist in solo infiltration which means I sneak into strongholds by myself. Russian terrorists had taken over a Russian missile silo on an uninhabited island. The terrorists were led by Nikoli Emelieniko. Nikoli wasn't one to bluff and everyone knew it. He demands the release of his comrades being held by the USA. If they don't comply he will launch the nuke. My mission was to detonate the nuclear warhead. That's right, a suicide mission. I volunteered. My life till this point in this time was training to become the ultimate soldier. I've seen my fair share of combat. I've lost count of how many people I've killed. *When I woke up in 1956 I was at an army training facility. They taught me to survive in the wilderness and urban environments. They taught me to fight. They taught me how to shoot. I had become a soldier. I was following my path as I was instructed. By 1964 I had grown tired of this life. I wondered if I died again if I would be at peace. I wanted to give up. This mission was my chance to finally end my pain and do something good. I'm flying aboard the USS Vulcan. It's an army gunship that I will be diving off into the ocean where I will be making my way to the island with scuba gear. They strap me up with my gear and I jump. Things look quiet as I crawl onto the island. I take a look around before I begin to remove my gear. I have a special backpack made to keep my mission items in. Such as my Colt .45 and my knife. It worked quite well keeping them dry. I equip my mission gear and head towards the facility. The outside looks unguarded. I make my way to a secret hatch that the Russian government told me about. The Russian government wants these men stopped as much as the US.

    I enter the hatch with my gun in hand. I exit in the Commanders quarters. This is fantastic. I'm a stones throw away from the command center. I can see *Emelieniko and two soldiers inside of the command center. I crouch down low and begin to creep toward the command center. I successfully sneak past all guards except one. I was able to slit his throat and hide him in a room before he alerts his comrades. If I can get into that room I can easily take them out. I'm so close. I sneak right to the edge of the door. I slipped up. Rookie mistake. Stupid... I didn't clear my corner. I took two bullets in the chest. I dived into the command center and quickly sealed the door with the panic button the Russians told me about. I was quick. *Emelieniko and his men were taken by surprise. I killed *Emelieniko and one of the Russians with two shots of my .45. The other Russian came at me with a knife. I used his own momentum against him and forced his own blade into his heart. I collapse to the floor. I feel myself slipping away. I don't have the strength to go on... My eyes close and I See her...

    Phoenix: Find me Spike... You have to find me.
    Spike: I'm coming baby. I'll be there soon.
    Phoenix: No Spike, You have to fight. You have to find me.

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    Im surprised theres no replys to this? I read it all, and i have to say its very good. Im a bit of a Sci-fi fan, so its probably not too hard for me to like it, lol. But seriously, it has all the nuts and bolts to be a great story. Well done Spike, if you ever get back to see this post.


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      Hey thanks man It's nice to hear that.


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        Originally posted by Spike St-Cloud View Post
        Hey thanks man It's nice to hear that.
        Delighted to see you got back to see my post Spike. And to be honest, i Have read this more than once. Have you ever got around to finishing this off, because if you have, then i would love to read it.