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  • Some gentle soap for you

    Some new towels please, anything festive with a Christmas theme sure would be nice


    • Some new festive towels for you


      A new computer Mouse for my PC would be
      great, my left click has about had it I tell you


      • Hope this one brings you luck Mary

        A Harley Davidson

        I can't afford one lol


        • Thank you Sapphire!!!

          Harley Davidson 883 Iron
          for you

          Sure wish I had a new Christmas
          tree, mine is starting to look like
          the Charlie Brown Christmas tree


          • Originally posted by MaryKent90210 View Post
            Thank you Sapphire!!!

            Harley Davidson 883 Iron
            for you

            Sure wish I had a new Christmas
            tree, mine is starting to look like
            the Charlie Brown Christmas tree
            wow Mary, love those wheels , awesome!!!

            I'd like a holiday
            anywhere nice and warm, not too hot .


            • Thank you Sapphire!!!
              This might not be the warmest but definitely an ideal vacation

              Stay and play in LA!

              Make your escape to sunny Southern California!
              The sprawling city of Los Angeles offers a satisfying mix of walkable neighborhoods, action-packed tourist attractions, laid back beaches, and more.
              Whether you want to experience the glamour of Hollywood, the shopping on Rodeo Drive, or the fun waiting on Santa Monica Pier, LA is the place you're going to want to be!

              What's Included

              Roundtrip economy class airfare into Los Angeles (LAX)
              3 nights in Los Angeles at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

              Great Ways to Explore

              Stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
              Stop by the jaw-dropping grounds of the billion-dollar Getty Center.
              Soak up the vibrant energy of Venice Boardwalk.
              Sink your teeth into a delicious In-N-Out burger!
              Saunter through The Grove and Original Farmers Market.

              A city that needs absolutely no introduction, Los Angeles is unlike anywhere else in the world.
              LA is bursting with 80 districts and spans over 500 square miles.
              It offers endless options for hiking, shopping, dining, and entertainment.
              Do you want to dress up? Dress down? Do both in the same day? LA has you covered.
              This package gets you to the city and accommodations that will provide the California welcome you're looking for.
              When the basics are covered, you're free to chase down taco trucks, lay out at the beach, or visit museums to your heart's content!
              Who knows - you might even spot a celebrity or two!

              Stay and play in LA!


              ( Sure wish I had a new Air Fryer )


              • wow ,what a holiday this is going to be, ..thank you Mary ,sure looks a very nice place to visit .

                this is the one i have . you'll need alot of patience to understand the manual lol cooks the food perfectly though.

                I'd like to have some new walking boots .
                Last edited by Sapphire11759; 23-11-23, 02:31 PM.


                • Thanks Sapphire!!!
                  Looks like a good one

                  here's some

                  Salomon Quest 4 GORE-TEX Hiking Boots
                  For you.

                  They sure look comfortable.

                  Wish I had a really nice camera to take some awesome photographs


                  • They are awesome Mary very similar to mine but these are stronger by the looks of it . thank you

                    hope this one will do .
                    I have a canan but the zoom plays up now and again , has a mind of its own. photographers i met on my travels advised i get a nikon . soooooo many models though . anyhow i got a nikon ,now im arguing green colours in my mind lol ,looks lime arggh . in my opinion the Canon is better for colour . the nikon for quality . I'm looking again for another nikon . I need two and a half grand for the one I've got my eye on though lol

                    I'd like a new black leather jacket . I lost mine , its somewhere in santorini lol


                    • OMG that looks like a powerful one, thanks sapphire.
                      There was a guy that once traveled from Louisville Kentucky
                      to take some photos of a 1800's grave yard that's deep in the woods behind our house
                      and he had a big canon camera, or at least the lens was,
                      lots of his ancestors were buried there.
                      It was a good hike when we took him back there but it was worth it,
                      the photos he took were legendary I tell you sapphire,
                      they truly are some good cameras.
                      Such a beautiful place back there.
                      The one you gifted me looks like a awesome one too.
                      Thank you!!!

                      A new leather jacket for you,
                      hope your old one has found a good home to someone who needed it and that's so far away too.
                      I know the pain of losing a leather jacket,
                      I once lost one back in my school days,
                      I loved it but the most heartbreaking thing was losing the ring that was in the inside pocket,
                      the ring was once owned by a loved one that passed away and was Irreplaceable,
                      yeah, still hurts remembering it.
                      Hope this one helps you forget losing yours but I know it isn't easy.

                      A Leather Jacket for you

                      Couldn't decide between the two
                      so you are welcomed to both

                      Balmain Leather Motorcycle Chain Jacket

                      New Saint Laurent Moto Jacket

                      (Wish I had A most beautiful new ring)


                      • Both jackets are superb ,the second looks more roomy , i used to have one with tassles on the sleeves and the whole thing was covered in badges .

                        sorry to hear about your ring that meant so much to you . hope you like this sapphire and diamond ring .


                        • Thank you for the most beautiful ring ever Sapphire!!!

                          A beautiful
                          Platinum Tiffany & Co
                          Natural Blue
                          Sapphire necklace for


                          ( A new set of Cast Iron Skillets sure would be useful )


                          • hope these are what you wanted .

                            the necklace is beautiful, i will need to get out of my scruffy jeans to wear it lol

                            i would love a new black out blind for my window due to strong sunrises these morning's


                            • Thank you Sapphire!!!
                              Exactly what I needed

                              A Blackout Blind for you.
                              Surely you'll rest more peacefully now
                              with the powerful sun from blinding you
                              from getting all the rest you need!!!

                              seems to work well

                              A Backup plan just in case

                              ( A new game controller for my PC would be so useful, dang stick drift is getting old )


                              • Thank you Mary , I'm sure they will do the trick , I have them in another room but needed them for my lounge. the eye shades look fab too !!

                                i hope this is what you wanted . im not clued up with pc gaming only ps5 now . this ones for a pc but you need the stick alone .?

                                i could do with a pool table for my spare room