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  • Definitely by train!

    But here in Greece, because of our so many mountains,
    this option is very limited ...

    Would you rather go to the theater or to the cinema?


    • Well, I want to be sophisticated and say, the theatre of course!
      But really, I'd much rather go to the cinema

      Would you rather go skiing or on a cruise?


      • Skiing! I love it!

        Would you rather learn to play the piano or the violin?


        • I have always wanted to play the piano.

          ​Would you rather spend more time sleeping or more time reading?


          • Definitely more time sleeping!

            I think 4-5 hours a day are nor enough ...

            Would you rather enjoy a walk in a forest or at the seaside?


            • That is a tough choice but I think forest is my first pick.

              ​Would you rather give up eating a favorite food or give up a favorite drink?


              • Oh no! Well, it would have to be give up my favourite food
                because I can't manage without my cups of tea!

                Would you rather ride on a horse or a motorbike?


                • A motorbike!

                  Would you rather see a ghost or see something in your house moving by itself?


                  • Something in my house moving by itself, I can die in peace then. xD

                    Would you rather bring back Bob Marley or Freddy Mercury to life? D:
                    'If the people suck, I can always wear headphones'


                    • Tough question. Perhaps Bob Marley, he died quite young. He had at least 12 children with different women, would have been interesting to see him grow older.

                      Would you rather take part in Temptation Island or Survivor?


                      • Take part in Temptation Island.

                        Would you rather live next to a lake or next to the sea?


                        • Tough choice since they are both great....but with my advancing years

                          I would choose the quiet of living near a lake.

                          Would you rather give gifts or receive gifts?


                          • Always feel happier giving gifts!

                            Would you rather stay in a log cabin with internet,
                            in a penthouse with no internet connection?


                            • I would prefer the log cabin with or without the internet connection.

                              Would you rather stay where you are living now or move some place else?


                              • Ok, a log cabin will be my next gift for you!

                                I want to move for the summer only, to the UK.

                                Would you rather play games alone or play the multiplayers ones?


                                • I like multiplayer games and I play them alone....not with friends or teams like many do.

                                  So my answer is I like to play games alone.

                                  Would you rather sky dive or bungee jump?


                                  • Sky dive.
                                    For some reason I trust a circle of silk,
                                    more than a piece of elastic!

                                    Would you rather have a pet unicorn or a pet dragon?


                                    • I would prefer a pet dragon.

                                      Would you rather drive or be a passenger?


                                      • I depends on where we go!

                                        For short distances i would rather drive,
                                        but for long trips, i prefer to enjoy the view ...

                                        Would you rather be an expert Tarot reading, or,
                                        an expert coffee cup reading?


                                        • A tarot card reader.
                                          I think it is a fascinating art.

                                          Would you rather have a big box of chocolates or
                                          a beautiful bunch of flowers?