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  • A BIG pan of Lasagna for you

    Deep dish pizza


    • A deep dish pizza for you

      Some Eggnog and Boiled custard please


      • Some Traditional Eggnog

        and some
        Southern Style Boiled custard for you

        Some homemade chocolate chip cookies please


        • Blackcurrant Tart


          • YUMMY
            Thank you so much
            homemade chocolate chip cookies
            are the best!!!

            Blackcurrant Tart
            for you

            Some Mac & Cheese please


            • Thank you Mary . love them hot with ice cream.

              I had to look up mac and cheese as wasn't sure what it was , why I had MacDonalds in my mind lol

              I could just eat some kendal mint cake right now.


              • Thank you so much Sapphire!!!
                Mac & Cheese
                does sound kinda like a big mac.
                I'll admit I've never heard of kendal mint cake,
                I hope this is right. I spent some time researching it
                and find the history of the product fascinating.
                I bet its really good too.

                Sure wish I had some homemade potato salad,
                I would try and not eat it all and save some for


                • Yummy , Thank you Mary , it tastes 10x stronger than the extra strong mints you'll probably know . with Chocolate on its extra yummy . my aunt lives in kendal a place in the lake district over here . thanks for the video too . I take it with me when I climb a mountain . I climbed helvellyn again a few months ago. I think 12 times now I've climbed it . no more though now , my doc advised no more awhile ago but had to prove I could do it again lol

                  there you go ,hope this is what you wanted .

                  I'd love some yellow roses , my fave colour rose .


                  • Thank you so much Sapphire!!!
                    That looks so delicious and will go good with a wonderful Thanksgiving meal!!!
                    I watched some of your videos on your YT channel, is that Helvellyn you spoke of.
                    From my Googling it looks as beautiful as your videos!!! I wish we had something
                    like that around here, we do have some really neat places such as Mammoth cave that's
                    really close by, that place is so beautiful and goes on for miles and miles but kinda scary.
                    I know its not easy for some to see past their fear of dark places but I find it beautiful.
                    I'm deathly scared of heights but I believe I'd forget all about my fear once I got lost in the
                    beauty of Helvellyn.

                    A Traditional Thanksgiving meal for you.

                    Lots and lots of the most beautiful yellow roses.

                    I know you may not celebrate Thanksgiving where you live but
                    Happy Thanksgiving from me to you!!!

                    Some butter Pecan Ice cream sure would be oh so good


                    • Awww Soooo beautiful!!! Thank you Mary , the roses I can feel their scent from here . I had to look on my YouTube as forgot what was on there lol . I remember now I deleted the mountain vids as I hated my voice on them lol. what I'll do is re upload them and replace my Voice with music . their are a few vids there taken also in the lake district . Aira force I think . I do upload some crap lol
                      Thank you for the thanksgiving wishes,although we don't celebrate it in the UK , i wish you the same Mary Here's some ice cream for you enjoy

                      I'd like to win the lottery so is it possible i can have a pound coin to buy a ticket lol
                      oops , crikey it costs flipping two pound now to do the lottery . shows how often I play it lol


                      • Thank you Sapphire!!!
                        Now that looks yummy as can be.

                        Here is a bunch of coins and a stack of fivers.

                        (Hope I got the correct Currency right)

                        I too don't play the lottery as I'm so incredibly unlucky.
                        My aunt once bought me a scratch off ticket and I won 20$,
                        When she was going to take it back in to cash it in she was like,
                        you want me to get you another one, I said no way, I'd lose it all.
                        I took that 20$ down the road to the McDonal's and spent it all
                        on as many McChicken's it would buy, I like them fairly well too,
                        I know it may not be the first choice for many but as you didn't
                        request a dish I chose McChicken for you, hope you don't mind.
                        Haven't played the lottery since but sure would be nice to win
                        and never having to worry about money again!!!

                        I wish I had a McDonal's Big Mac that was mentioned a few posts back


                        • there ya go Mary , always better with fries imo . i don't like coke myself , nasty stuff , makes you burp lmao ..

                          thank you so much , is sure the right currency. am I'm a dimit for asking for money when this is a food thread . .haha sorry I thought we could go shopping anywhere .

                          now what could I eat ,? mmmmm I'm ok as long as nothing spicy or has nuts in it . i've had an rice box in kfc today . I hadnt time for a dessert so I'd love to eat a chocolate sundae right now .


                          • Thank you Sapphire!!!
                            Not fast food
                            GOOD FOOD FAST!!!
                            Always a time saver.
                            KFC is pretty good,
                            oddly enough I live in the state KFC was born.
                            I know it isn't everyones FAV but I like it.
                            I do that too from time to time, it's no big deal going off topic.
                            I'll admit it was extra fun getting to be creative comming up with
                            things I thought you might like and besides asking for money is
                            a great way to be able to buy what we like to eat.

                            A HOT fudge sundae for you, nut free!!!

                            ( A Caesar salad sure would hit the spot )


                            • enjoy !!! if I lived next to a kfc Mary id never be away . thank you so much for the chocolate sundae.

                              I'd love a piece of stollen cake


                              • Thank you Sapphire


                                Stollen Cake for you

                                ( Wish I had some Biscuits and gravy )


                                • Biscuits and gravy
                                  for you

                                  ( Fresh cantaloupe sure would be so tasty )


                                  • Fresh Cantaloupe for you

                                    ( Some blueberry pop tarts please )


                                    • there ya go Mary , thank you for the above stollen cake. I prefer this to any other Christmas treat , prezzy or drink lol . Its very rare i drink alcohol through the year, at Christmas I like to have a glass of rum with coke or blackcurrant but it's ok neat too lol

                                      A BOTTLE OF RUM


                                      • OMG blueberry!!!
                                        My favorite flavor of pop tarts.

                                        I also love the S'mores flavored ones

                                        Thank you Sapphire

                                        May this bottle of RUM warm your tummy

                                        I too ain't much of a drinker, never could hold my liquor,
                                        now I take meds and can't drink at all, sure looks good though!!!
                                        Expensive, lol

                                        ( Some of those bread sticks you posted on what did you last eat sure would be good )


                                        • thank you Mary , looks a very expensive rum this one , I'll sip it and make it last lol

                                          this garlic bread has cheese on it ,too tastes awesome .

                                          I could just eat a bacon sandwich right now . I'm too lazy to make it though lol