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I can no longer submit my scores and they won't be saved on my player page?

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  • I can no longer submit my scores and they won't be saved on my player page?

    Hi, i have been on Miniclip for over 10 years, and for most old games, i can't submit my scores anymore after game over! It always says "Play on" but i AM playing on! Highscores should work here no? I am talking about Commando 2 for example. Back in 2009, Commando 2 was a so called "Challenge Game", meaning high scores would be saved on the Player Page. The cap for this game back then was 3 million points (which is way too easy to achieve by the way) and i quickly finished the game with LESS than 3 million points, but when i tried to submit my score, it just said "play on"...

    So is it no longer possible to save scores in the Player Page? I find it weird because in the Achievements Forums, i see people who made posts in January 2018 where they successfully submitted scores, even with the classic ranking bar that shows the percentage of top of the world that your score is in, and i have even seen the little "Vs." symbol in the screenshots, like back then when Challenges existed and you were able to challenge other users... so it must still be possible right? What is wrong, why can i not save/submit my Commando 2 score?

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    Actually only one achievement thread has been bumped since the start of 2018, which is Milospecic's and the score he posted is from a recent award game. Yup score submitting is no longer working in many old classics and nothing is really being done about it. Now we're barely getting any games, and like 90% of them are not even original Miniclip games. There are rarely any awards games released anyway. Miniclip started going to cr*p after 2013 pretty much after Sketch Star was shut down. Anyways for one, we still have award series where you have to earn awards in randomly picked games by doing certain stuff to get a super award, which is usually launched on holidays like Easter and Christmas, bad news even those are bugged, in some games you'll get the award for doing literally nothing, and in some games you won't get any award at all even after completing the objective.
    I'm sorry that I wrote all this since you probably noticed most of it yourself, but seems no one at Miniclip is caring about the maintenance of the site, I mean 8 Ball Pool PC version (their most successful game) hasn't seen an update in literally years now, and now they're switching that to pretty much the mobile version because Flash won't be no longer available and will go down somewhere this year (?).
    But yes their main focus is mobile games and their support ignores most of the complaints about games available on the site and you're mostly likely to get a response about a complaint of one of their mobile games. Anyways I've already tried a few other classics which you can't submit score in despite them being challenge games, but don't have them in mind.
    But sadly, nothing will be done about it.
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