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    Good day to all, attention miniclip hackers on the lose, i encountered 2 already, 1 you can’t pronounce the name. I had break, a ball goes in, table was open, then as soon as i pocket my first ball, ball in hand was given to opponent. My last game 5 minutes ago, as soon as i pocketed my last ball, and YES i tapped the pocket before hitting my shot, again ball in hand was given to opponent! I attached a pic of one of the aholes, take note right after it happened both of them started to mock me, pls miniclip do something about this!
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    Greetings Rjvg and welcome to the forum.

    1) This forum is not sanctioned or monitored by Miniclip or it's employees so anything you post here won't be seen or responded by Miniclip. You will have to submit a formal complaint ticket for that and I can't find the link right now.

    2) Currently the attach a photo feature of this forum is inoperative. If you want to post a photo, you will need to use a 3rd party website. There are a few, but the one I like is

    3) Hackers and cheaters using mods have been going rampart the last couple of months. Everyone including myself is exasperated. Miniclip is inundated with complaints and they are doing their best (I hope) to patch the game, but the modders always seem to be a step ahead of Miniclip and find another way to hack the game. My suggestion is to try to avoid them by playing Miami instead of Berlin or Venice, which is where I've heard they are most prevalent.

    Don't give up and keep enjoying the game the best you can. Be safe and healthy.


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      Have been a few cheats around indeed.


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        Cheaters are never going to go away. Unfortunately it's become part of the game. We can only hope to avoid them. I've been pretty fortunate. I hardly run into any cheaters when I play on the Miami table. I hear cheating is more rampant on Berlin and Venice tables. Cheaters or not, I hope that we all still love the game and keep playing. I know Miniclip wants that because then you may end up spending real money


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          Ever since I started playing the new version of pool on my PC i have not been hacked once in any level .