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Coloruid (Award game 2?)

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  • Coloruid (Award game 2?)

    I have completed the game but so far have been unable to get the awards to work, anyone?
    Play Coloruid - The world of Coloruid is full of mind-bending color puzzles. Fill the board with one color in the set amount of moves.

    Check out my page linked above and challenge my scores.

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    Martin i finished the game too and no awards.

    I was on Firefox.

    Then i thought of trying another browser.

    And i got the awards playing it again on Opera.


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      Game doesn't indicate in any way if you have earnt the awards or not, but they appeared on player page. I was playing on Chrome.

      Nice little game, I liked this already when playing it through in Kongregate (like so many of these oldie styled games mc has brought in lately... )


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        I did not know there were awards for this game.

        I completed all sixteen levels and actually did it again to try to improve my scores.

        I just checked my profile page and it appears I received two awards!

        I played on Chrome.


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          Zanna, i think i will register on Kongregate!

          I like this kind of game!


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            Thank you guy's, I got the awards in Chrome, just playing the first 2 levels and submitting my score. The problem appears to be that the submit button does not work on Firefox, my much preferred browser.

            Check out my page linked above and challenge my scores.


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              Nice game, got the 2 awards