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Servers of the party mode with too much lag.

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  • Servers of the party mode with too much lag.

    Aggregate lag has become a problem for two years. Many have blamed the bots, but if we start thinking, have the bots actually done this? Well, it is true that if they cause lag but this is only a factor, you will see, since they put a lot of skins on the it started to feel a bit of lag (to validate this argument they can search in YouTube on the lag in channels of agario, the youtubers that play this say many times that the skins were also responsible). Taking all this into account, I mean, with much respect to those in charge of Miniclip who please improve the servers if they want to continue to get more things that only overload the servers. The community was reborn but with this latent problem everything has become even more complicated. MiniClip Managers please solve this, I do not want my favorite game and many more to die in this way.
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