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Forgot my favorite game - can anybody help?

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  • Forgot my favorite game - can anybody help?

    Miniclip was my only source for gaming back when I was a kid. I absolutely loved it, and I was hit by a wave of nostalgia last month. I was heartbroken to find out Miniclip was deleted apart from its 2 most iconic games, which were transferred on mobile.
    However, I still want to relive my favorite moments. Despite having played a bunch of games as a kid, only one stands out to me till this day. It was a 2D racing game, with 4 cars on a track. There were a few tens of levels, and the more levels you would complete, the more cars you would be able to unlock. Races would last for about three laps if I remember correctly. I would love to find it somewhere else on the internet and play it once again, the same way I was doing it 10 years ago. I forgot its name though, so if any of you have an idea as to how it's called, please give me a hand.
    I would VERY HIGHLY appreciate it.
    Note: You would get more points as you'd drift around the track, and obstacles hit removed your multiplier as far as I remember. Hopefully that helps you.

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    Originally posted by CapsChess View Post
    It was a 2D racing game
    was it a top down view?

    I suggest you browse THIS SITE as it has most the old flash games (im guessing it will have been a flash game).



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      Thanks for the reply! It was indeed a top down view