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Up Beat (Original 2007 Edition)

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  • Up Beat (Original 2007 Edition)

    For some reason, back in the day I was compelled to rip this game from Miniclip's website and save it offline. (It was to export the soundtrack from the .SWF, something that my supervisors apparently got really upset about.)

    Up Beat was formerly one of the few games to reach the upper echelon of the Top 10 when it came out and was a popular for its Guitar Hero-esque controls (the notes of which do not match up well to the songs at all). Up Beat became a Players' Channel game with achievements, though sometime after it was released the game's soundtrack was replaced with a new one. I don't have the updated Up Beat, only the original.

    Original 2007 version of the game in .SWF format: https://mega.nz/#!cUIxRQIL!crn7yuWXN...kQ0jxpPWIv4CWs

    Features the songs:
    "Baby Baby" by Sunblock
    "Blown Away" by Pump
    "Borderline" by Michael Gray
    "Bring It Back" by Pump
    "I Think We're Alone Now (Cover)" by Bels Boys
    "Somewhere Beyond" by Michael Gray
    "Today's the Day" by Bels Boys
    "The Weekend" by Michael Gray
    "Yeah Yeah" by Bodyrox

    edit: oh my god this game is a DECADE old

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    I used to love upbeat and its awards, but they stopped working long ago so I wasn't ever able to snatch any upbeat awards.
    <3 I still remember Joyful Interlude.

    Innocence is over


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      It was a pretty unique game for its time. Shame that it's completely offline now. I just found the MP3's I ripped from the Flash file -- if there's interest I'll upload them too.


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        Didn't know that this game had 2 versions. I thought you were raving when you said it wasn't available anymore, because I went to play it on miniclip and no problem, but then when I saw there were only 6 songs instead of 9 I thought something was a little different
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          I didn't realize Up Beat was still on Miniclip. ( https://www.miniclip.com/games/up-beat/en/ ) I wasn't able to find it using the search function on the site, and they didn't have a Music category of games to browse so I just assumed it had been delisted.

          The version that's currently online is the one that was switched to in 2008 or so, presumably when the licensing expired for the songs in the original version that I linked in the OP.


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            This thread isn't technically dead yet, right? Because the link doesn't work anymore, do you have the game still with you Dracophile? I'd be pleased if you could share it again, pretty please, thanks.


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              Would also love a download link for this if anyone has it - particularly the 2007 original.

              I played this to death back in 07 and a couple of songs from it give me earworm to this day. I couldn't remember the name so I've been searching through lists upon lists of old flash rhythm games.