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Pentathlon 2: Rules & Format

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  • Pentathlon 2: Rules & Format

    Pentathlon 2
    Fellow Forumers, please sign up before Monday 05/08/2013 to be a participant of the second edition of the Multiplayer tournament in the history of Miniclip Forums! Battle against eachother in Anagram Magic and  Boxo OR Disc Pool and 5 in a row and show off your skillzz in these 4 different multiplayer games and show that you are the master! What are you waiting for?!

    Requirements for sign up:
    * active on the first day of this tournament.
    * 5 posts

    How it works
    This year, we do have a few things changed because the first edition was a little bit too much. We do have 2 groups and in order to play, you need to join one of these groups.
    --> Anagram Magic and Boxo.
    --> Disc Pool and 5 in a row.

    Then there will be a single elimination in both groups until 1 player is left in each group. Those 2 players then need to play the other winner in the 4 different multiplayer games in the finals!

    General Rules
    1. You can track below which games you have left at any time.
    2. The 2 players of the match are required to post the result to get the match labeled as done.
    3. You need to ask the other participant when (s)he's is available to play. If there is a problem, then please ask the tournament owners (Sim, or Wegeler) for a little bit help.
    4. You are not allowed to cheat,or hack. The game is always right, if there is an error, then there is an error. If an error occurs on one side, then you can only replay the game when you have proved with a screenshot that you got an error while playing that game.
    5. All matches in these 4 multiplayer games need to be played in the first 30 days after the start day.
    6. All general forum rules apply. (That is that thread in the Forum Rules subforum that nobody reads)
    7. Be optimistic, have fun, and give a compliment after the game.
    8. There are more rules, but those are listed in each game.

    Matches & Multiplayer Games
    GROUP 1
    1. Anagram Magic
    Find the best scoring words in this magical multiplayer game!

    1. Each match is a race to 5.
    2. If both players have the same points after 5 rounds (=1 game), then that game doesn't count.


    2. Boxo
    LIVE players in BOXO, our special version of the classic Dots and Boxes game!

    1. Each  match  is a race to 3.
    2. If both players have the same points, then that game doesn't count.


    GROUP 2
    1. 5 in a row Gomoku
    Challenge people around the world in a classic game of five in a row!

    1. Each match  is a race to 3.
    2. If the board is full, and nobody has made a 5 in a row yet, then that game doesn't count.  


    2. Disc Pool
    Play this new, exciting version of pool! Go up against live Miniclip players or practice on your own by hitting the discs into the pockets with your pool cue!

    Note: Try to find your opponent in the Just For Fun section, or the Ranked Games section. The Ranked Games section requires one token, but this token is generated again after one day.

    1. Each  match  is a race to 3.
    NOTE: Each  match counts as a point in this multiplayer game, thus you are able to get 3 points in 2 matches. 2 matches in the Ranked Games requires 2 tokens (= 2 days)
    2. You are allowed to start a timer when you get a chance.


    First place:
    --> 1000 MTR Points
    --> 2 games against Ben in any of the four multiplayer games

    Second place:
    --> 750 MTR Points
    --> A game against Ben in any of the four multiplayer games

    Third place:
    --> 500 MTR points

    Fourth place:
    --> 250 MTR points
    ~~Have fun

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    Amazing idea Sim , but i will start school on 20/8 so will not have time to play ..


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      Originally posted by Khaledy10:53153
      Amazing idea Sim , but i will start school on 20/8 so will not have time to play ..
      You sure, I'm sure that most of the tourney will be done by then..
      ~~Have fun


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        Tournament has started. Please check in this topic, against who you have a game and then ask the other participant when he's ready to play.
        ~~Have fun


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          I'm ready Ibrahim and Row


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            @Everyone, please play your matches before next week, August 19!
            ~~Have fun