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Billions of Coins / Few Wiining Games or Championships - HOW?

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  • Billions of Coins / Few Wiining Games or Championships - HOW?

    Good evening,

    As this is a forum i decide to share my doubts with you honest people and not hackers of what iīve been argueing with the Mini Clip about an understanding fact at list so far for me until someone can come up with an explantion wich iīll be greatfull if so.

    I sent this to Mini Clip this morning:

    "Continuing my previous requests to mini Clip hereby i sent a lot more pictures of 8 Ball players with BILLIONS of credits that according to their profile is not in accordance to winning games or championships.

    As i said before doing some easy calculation on the biggest championship reward (50 M) to achieve ONE MILLION points it takes at list 20 VITORIES. Therefore For to ONE BILLION credits it takes at list 20000000 VITORIES. Only in this game it self. So imagine what it would take to acomplish this in all otherr or doing the SUM or add up all vitories of this players i report youīll find that in no WAY they could have that ammount. At list i canīt figure how and still you donīt explain (?)

    So here i am reporting and reporting and reporting and nothing changes cause this stills happens.

    And no matter of excuses you can give this is an easy and simple issue to solve. Do some Query from the system and youīll get it all!

    Maybe you donīt want to do a thing on your interest cause as long this cheaters remains people need to invest ammonunts of money for playing isnīt that so?

    I really dontīunderstand why you dontī fix this once for good cause is very simple.

    But i tell you i wont give up on this and iīm thinking on doing a Blog reporting this for all people to know UNLESS YOU PROVE ME that those figures are correct.

    Iīm being polite so far and giving you the essentials to solve this. I love this game and want to play it as long my son but fairly! So please fix this "hacking" issue.

    Best regards"

    So.. and here. CAn anyone explain those figures? Those BILLIONS...

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    Many many more... see below. they are thousands..


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                    200 BILLION!!! Amazing... This guy doesnīt sleep...


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                      Look at this BEAUTY!!!!