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The game is rigged

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    Originally posted by cidercoder View Post
    Seriously though, if you progress in this game on PC, you will eventually reach a point where want to play in higher tiers, but it's difficult to find opponents there on PC, I used to spend ages waiting for an opponent and then Efren Reyes would turn up, it eventually caused me to pack the game in. I tried Bluestacks but wasn't keen on it, it was not very smooth on my PC. Then I saw my kids playing on mobile, I had a go and pretty soon started winning like I used to on PC, I used to win cash for them to boost their accounts, the game seemed so easy and smooth on mobile, and you could take part in all the silly comps and stuff and win loads of stuff. I've never spent a penny on this game, but I have everything I need. Honestly, mobile is the way to go !
    Well my eyesight is not great for mobile and my mobile can't get internet access, so join my club. I can make you an officer

    I am only here to have fun

    If you join we will probably win and I will get nothing because my wins are not counting and i must be in the lowest tier group


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      Originally posted by cidercoder View Post
      I used to spend ages waiting for an opponent and then Efren Reyes would turn up, it eventually caused me to pack the game in.
      LOL! @Efren Reyes showing up... Nicely played.


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        I was playing to get monaco ring
        from one of my accounts it was level 90
        in my league i got 3 million
        in the league i ranked 104
        there were people whose level was more than 100 and collected more than 2 billion
        i don't think so for fun
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          Why only when I'm about to win? Bullshit, miniclip is on it with the cheto, hacking cheaters.


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            Originally posted by d4ve_tv View Post
            We can agree to disagree, but I still love Seclusionist post and agree wholeheartedly with it. Aside from Spin and Win and scratch off, I don't believe the regular game play is rigged other than maybe the break. During regular game play, there are too many factors to consider such as cue you used, spin you used, force you used when stroking the cue... it would be too hard to "prove" that game play is rigged. In my opinion that is.
            how does spinners know which spin is reqd in every kind of situation? probably some program is used by them or they are students of bata reyes


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              I’m playing in Toronto. Two consecutive games, different opponents. I have one ball left. Opponent flubs his shot on the 8 ball. I am lining up a very simple shot on my ball. This doesn’t take more than a handful of seconds. As I pull back the cue, suddenly the end page comes up and WINNER appears above my opponent’s avatar.I was nowhere near running out of time. My opponent never made another shot. I’ve had this happen before and came away puzzled. Two in a row certainly is suspicious.