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No Guideline mode, still has line to the ball??!!

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  • No Guideline mode, still has line to the ball??!!

    This detail means that the potential for competition is reduced dramatically, as you can hit in all the balls except the last 1 or 2, and if you are playing for 10k or more, 90% of the time, only with the help of that damn line to the ball, the other player will run the table. Remove that stupid line and that percentage would go way down.

    I have sent more than one support change request to Miniclip for this issue, more than a month apart, and all I ever got back was a canned response. So I have resorted to a petition for this. If you agree that there should at least be a mode with no line even to the ball, please go to the link below and sign my petition.

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    Holy moly, you started a petition? Seriously, if people don't want it then accept it. As you want to pretty much play blindly, close your eyes instead.