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  • some questions

    1) how does time work? i know it starts with more time and then as you pot balls it keeps decreasing
    -so how much do we get to start with and how much does it decrease by potting more balls
    -how does the time bonus on cue apply to shots?
    it seems it won't apply all of it as you pot more balls
    less and less by the time you get to pot the last ball needed to win the game

    furthermore, how does changing a cue during a game affect time?
    like if i play with a better cue at start and then switch to higher time cue towards the end
    would that work? i guess this whole 1) question is hard to test and explain

    2) what is the maximum all in amount in monaco?

    3) how can i use pool cash to buy cues and is there a list of available ones with prices?
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    As usual, great questions johndoe I will do my best in answering them

    1) If you scrutinize the each additional "bar" is supposed to be an additional "second" added to your time. So as we discussed in the other thread, whenever you get a Spin and Time upgrade, you get one more green bar added and that's supposed to mean one additional second when you start.

    Not sure what you mean by "time bonus".

    I've never sat there with a stopwatch and timed it so I can't verify that i'm getting the actual seconds I'm promised, but I *can* tell a difference when I used a cue with a 4 bar time vs a cue with a 9 bar time stat.

    Yes as you mentioned, and I was surprised to learn this too... that your time countdown clock (the green moving line) does not reset to a full circle after every shot! If you're making a run of balls, each successive ball has less time and when you're on the 8 (in 8 ball) or the 9 (in 9 ball), you have less time to aim and stroke your shot. But if you compare the overall time, you would have more on the last shot using a 9 bar time cue vs a 3 bar time cut.

    Good question about the switching of cues. I've never done any certified experiments with a stop watch, but one test i could think of is, if I start a game using the beginner cue and midway thru the game quickly switch to a leg cue with 9 time stat, what would happen. My guess is that you should get "more" time because you are now using a leg cue. I'll try it in a London game and get back to you. But I think if start with say the Beginner cue and then midway switch to a Leg cue and lose the game you won't get any coins back. I think to get coins back you have to start and end the game with a leg cue.

    2) Monaco bets the amount of the lowest coin balance of the 2 with the maximum amount you can lose is 20M. That is if I have 100M coins and I'm matched with you and I see that the pot shows 10M. That tells me that you only had 5M when you hit the Monaco button and stand the chance of losing all your 5M. If you win the 2 games in a row, you get the 10M pot and just doubled your coin balance to 10M. I would've lost 5M and now have 95M. Conversely if the pot shows 40M then that tells me that you and I both had more than a 20M coin balance going into Monaco.

    3) Well until about a month ago, you could log into pc OLD version, go to the shop section and use your pool cash to purchase about 20 cues. After this post I'm going to actually post my cue spreadsheet to this thread so you can see which cues. Just follow the light blue Cash column to see which cues and how much cash it cost. Also notice that comparatively the cues that you can purchase with pool cash also have very high recharge costs (paid with coins). This is just for your info because since they got rid of the OLD pc version, you can't buy these cues anymore even if you wanted to which to me is the saddest part (not the part about not being able to play the old version) of it's loss. Please don't judge, but the spreadsheet I'm posting is an old version and definitely not updated.

    So to answer your question, the only way to "buy" cues is to go to the Standard tab where you can use your coins to buy Candy, Standard, Millionaire, Multimillionaire, Billionaire, or 1.5 Billion cue. Also now the only way I know of to use your pool cash to buy cues are to use them to on Country cues under the Country tab. They all cost 40 cash and you can choose from many different countries. I love the Country cues because they have a super low recharge cost and if one is starting out, that is the cue that first cue I recommend saving up for.

    Hope I answered your questions. Ok let me post those jpgs of my spreadsheet


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      Only Level 1 cues. Old list not updated.


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            d4ve_tv great insight mister dave and honestly, they should pay you for customer support! ^_^
            you seem to be very active here and a great helper overall so thanks a lot.

            1-the time bonus i meant comparing it to a cue that has none
            say we compare a cue with 0 and one with 10, in theory the one with 10 should have 10 more seconds

            i am also still curious as to how the time decreases, like if you used the cue with 10 time and you keep potting, at the last ball the timer probably won't even add up to a 10
            so if you had a zero cue, the timer would be calculated in a different manner, exactly how i don't know but it suspect it's like this
            for a cue with zero time bonus, you get X amount of time for the last shot (the more you pot the smaller the X gets)
            for a cue with 10, it will obviously NOT add 10 to the X, it's probably 10 divided by a number and added to X depending on the number of shots

            for switching cues during a game, i suspect it only works if you switch during opponent's turn
            if your turn comes up and you switch i can't imagine that the time will get higher during your turn or at least not for the current shot, maybe it would apply to next one
            this should make sense because if you feel that you need more time as you get closer to the end, switching to a cue with a higher time bonus would be a good solution
            another reason why it should be like this is because if it isn't, we could just start the game with the cue on the highest time bonus and then switch to whatever else (which would kind of defeat a lot of the purpose of the time stat on cues) so i am fairly certain that the time component can be altered in a live game by switching cues as i mentioned above with a certain formula

            2-are you certain it's 20m? i could not find any official info about this one

            3-so you can't buy cues anymore with pool coins (except country ones) and only use them to either purchase boxes or speed unlocking boxes

            i have a few cues that i collect and i just have them in a notepad with recharge cost, stats, what table you have to play at a minimum to collect pieces and how many i need to upgrade them.
            if only there was an option to sort cues i wouldn't have to keep track like this and my list could be very useful for a starting player because i focus on cues with good stats and generally low recharge cost


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              Originally posted by johndoe View Post
              d4ve_tv great insight mister dave and honestly, they should pay you for customer support! ^_^
              you seem to be very active here and a great helper overall so thanks a lot.
              Thanks. It would be nice to at least be a moderator in this forum but I have no idea who is now. This subforum seems all but dead except for me and a handful of others like you posting. Everyone else posts in other subforums, but not here. Before this we had another forum that was much more active but they closed it down and everyone bailed.

              1- I agree. It makes sense if you compare a 5 time cue with a 10 time cue. The 10 time is supposed to have 5 more seconds of time added to the default time which I would gauge as the beginner cue which has 0 time. As you mentioned in a 9 ball game, by the time you get to the 9 you won't have as much time as when you were shooting the 1 ball. As I said before I've never used a stop watch to time myself, so I have no way to determine how the degradation of seconds is determined. So in other words, I don' t know how many seconds they take off when you're shooting from the 7 to the 6 ball. They may use a formula that you mentioned, but yes they probably have some kind of formula. I guess I don't worry so much about that anymore bc I now exclusively use my legendary Thor Hammer cue which has about a 9 time cue. Plus I've played enough now where I have a good gauge of how much time I use and how much time I take per shot.

              As for switching cues mid game... I have actually tried this and yes, if I start with beginner cue and i'm on a run, by the 8 ball I quickly switch to a 9 time cue, I DO get a few more seconds bc the new cue I switched to has more time... BUT and here's the big BUT, the time it takes for you to tap the cue button, then have to SCROLL to your cue, then tap the USE button, you would have lost a few seconds doing that.

              2- Yes I'm positive that Monaco's limit is 20M. I had to google it and I also read it on forum somewhere. Do a search yourself to confirm. I believe there's also youtube videos confirming this. If you have more than 20M, you can verify for yourself :-)

              3- Correct, with the removal of OLD pc ver, pool cash can only be used to buy country cues, purchase boxes, speed unlocking boxes. But don't forget you can also use cash to buy chat packs or avatars

              My spreadsheet that I posted above is sorted by cue strength specifically the Total column. So that's how I "gauge" cue strength. Posted is the jpg ver, but my original is an excel spreadsheet that I can sort via any column. If you feel this might be helpful, I can email this spreadsheet to you. If you don't already have a country cue, do your very best to get one. It is the best deal if you're a beginner to amateur.


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                1- it would not be too hard to get a general idea or even the exact formula used
                you would just need an easy comparison, say with a beginner cue on zero bonus time versus one with 5 seconds bonus
                and start from breaking, see how much the one with 5 has overall, don't break wait til time runs out, see then with the zero
                then you would have to position each ball in a way that you can pot them all and pot them at 1-2 seconds left
                you would have to do this with both cues each 1 time and then see how it works out

                however, i am also sure that there is a different formula for fewer potted balls versus more potted
                like the timer goes incrementally lower the more you pot and this could be determined by above method as well
                again, this could be determined quite easy if you have a friend that is willing to test it out
                play a few games to test different scenarios and see how everything works out

                2- ok good to know, i would like a monaco ring but i'm pretty sure i am not willing to risk playing for 20m
                i may do it one day when i have no other purpose in the game but now i am still actively collecting cue pieces

                3- yea i might use some pool cash to get some chat packs if they ever fix the chat order and make it save for me

                thanks for your offer but there's no need for the spreadsheet, i got my own and i believe any player who collects certain cues has their own


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                  1- You sound like an engineer or at very least a scientist of some sort. You have a very analytical method about your reasoning! I like it! Your scientific method is sound and if we ever both that the time to invest in it, it may be an interesting experiment. Maybe we can write up a grant proposal then get results published online?!?

                  2- If you have less than 20M, playing Monaco is risky bc well... there's a good chance you will be matched with someone who has more than 20M and if you lose 2 in a row, you'll be back to zero coins! So Monaco is not recommended unless you have well over 20M and don't mind losing 20M.

                  If you like collecting cue pieces, you must enjoy the latest update where you can request victory boxes (which has some coins too) which will have at least one cue piece instead of just coins... well that's in clubs. If you don't play in clubs, then you won't know what I'm talking about. If you want, you can join my club. We are all laid back and there's no weekly goals for us. We all usually send each other gift requests so getting a victory box gift is pretty easy.

                  3- I save every pool cash I have to get to 43 so I can buy 3 Legendary boxes/cue pieces. My goal now is to get all 20 Leg cues, but I know it's going to take forever! Since Dec 2017 I have only purchased 2 chat packs and realized I wasted those cash. Hell, nowadays I play with chat turned OFF.


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                    1- a fisherman always sees another fisherman from afar eh?
                    anyway i thought of something else regarding this, another layer if you will. like depending how fast you pot the balls which i am not sure if it affects the time in any way but i do think that if you pot them faster you should have more time saved for the next shots, it would make sense to be like this because otherwise why would i hurry? if i take my time and make sure i think my moves and pot safely with no penalty then it would be kinda lame

                    what is the highest victory box that you can request in clubs? i usually farm my own but i wouldn't say no if somebody wanted to offer me one for free ^_^
                    i don't really like clubs but i might be interested to experiment if there are no requirements

                    i usually play with chat off as well i don't need distractions when i play at higher stakes nor do i need semi passive aggressive taunts when i fail


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                      Yes you are correct. The longer you lolly gag on your shot, the less time you will have on your next shot. Also I noticed that your time runs down "faster" when you play 9 ball vs 8 ball. I may be wrong there but I've noticed time runs down faster when I play 9 ball.

                      The update was just released about a week ago so I have no definite proof, but from what I can tell, these gift victory boxes in clubs are random. Meaning you can't choose what kind of box you get, you just get a box. When it opens you first get coins and I've also noticed that the coins are pretty crappy... like 100 or 200 coins. Then you get your cue piece(s). Mostly just 1 cue piece if you're lucky 2. But hey it's better than before the update where you only get coins and no cue pieces. Also, as soon as 4 other club members answer your gift request, you can hit request a gift again and just wait for another 4 to send so you could get multiple cue pieces a day. I don't believe there is a time limit you have to wait to request another gift.

                      It doesn't hurt to join a club just to have that feature of receiving gift cue pieces and some coins. If you're interested in joining my club, just send your player id to me via forum's direct message and I'll check my inbox.

                      Also speaking of updates, have you tried the Watch a video for 500 coins button? They have changed that since the update. Now you can get up to 2200 coins for watching 3 videos and then you can watch a video to get a victory box.


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                        is it the same as other boxes and do you have to wait to open it 3-8-12 hours?
                        if it's different what is the highest or best cue piece that it can give?


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                          Oh I just realized that this victory box gift thing is only on the mobile ver! So if you're playing on the pc, you're out of luck.

                          You do not have to wait 3, 8, or 12 hours. It opens right away as soon as 4 other members gift you.

                          I have not idea what the "highest or best cue" piece you can get. Most of the pieces I've seen are for Basic cues but every once in a while I'll see a piece for an Advanced cue. I didn't expect much since they were "free". But hey, better than no cue pieces right?


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                            if there aren't any expert cue pieces in there i'm not missing out on anything
                            what's the catch tho? how can you gift a box or what must you give for that?


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                              Sorry to barge in in here...
                              Can I install the mobile version and continue to play on the PC as well ?
                              I would probably use the mobile version only sparingly and then also to get the free cash...




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                                Originally posted by johndoe View Post
                                if there aren't any expert cue pieces in there i'm not missing out on anything
                                what's the catch tho? how can you gift a box or what must you give for that?
                                Ok I did some research. The victory box that you get thru clubs when 4 members gift it to you only gives you some coins and then 1 cue piece... usually a basic cue, maybe an advanced but definitely not an expert cue. That would be too good of a free gift if you know what I mean. And I also noticed that after receiving that free box, you do have to wait what appears to be 3 hrs before you can request a box again from members in the club.

                                There's no catch. If you're looking for basic cue pieces, this is an easy free way. If you join a club or my club you will find out. It doesn't cost anything to join a club and you can leave anytime (or be kicked anytime - unless you're the leader of the club). So after you join there is a button on lower left that says something like Request a gift. All other members in the club will then see your request and have the option to hit the green Send button. When 4 other members hit the Send button, you will get a notice that u have a gift, tap on it and your box starts to open. When you enter the club room, you may and most likely will see other members who have also requested gifts and you will have the option to hit Send to help them get their gift. Does that make sense?

                                Ok I just learned something cool that I'm going to create a new post so it won't mix with this thread.


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                                  Originally posted by dhakapapa View Post
                                  Sorry to barge in in here...
                                  Can I install the mobile version and continue to play on the PC as well ?
                                  I would probably use the mobile version only sparingly and then also to get the free cash...


                                  No worries dha. Yes you most certainly can install the mobile ver on your phone or tablet while still being able to play your account on pc. I do that all the time. Well I don't play on the pc, but I can log into my pc and send club messages (it's much easier to type on my keyboard than on my phone). When you log into the pc, your phone will automatically log off. Vice versa when you log into your acct on mobile, it will log you off the pc, but yes you have a good idea to just use your mobile to get daily cash or even cue pieces and then when you want to play just log back into your pc. Good idea!


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                                    Yes @d4ve_tv.
                                    It worked. After some log-ins and pushing of buttons and so on I am now the proud owner of one cash unit.
                                    We are like the white rats in a laboratory, we push so and so levers to get something and we have to repeat as required lol.
                                    Thanks !


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                                      White lab rats... I like that analogy! But I was thinking more souless zombies walking around all day and night glued to our devices and shooting pool balls into holes!


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                                        They have just started a series of free rewards on the PC-based game as well.
                                        Pretty lame stuff but they offer a lot of pool coins by just playing.