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  • Motivation to play Monaco

    I spend most of my time playing Monaco currently, and iím wondering what motivates players to play ďall inĒ when they have several million to lose.

    Once you get well over 20mill itís fine as the bet is capped, but i play lots of people who are in the 10ís of millions, and end up with zero.

    If i had 10 mill, iíd stick to Paris..

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    I believe there is no cap and games over a billion have occurred. Maybe if you have 50k and some mini games up your sleeve ok to play the boxes are almost as bad as London but I played ppl here of Berlin quality to rip you to shreds it is the dark web best to avoid


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      There is definitely a cap. Iím up to 18 Monaco rings now and have never had a call for more than 20mill


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        You are correct Tricky the max bet in Monaco is 20M so the most you can win/lose is 20M and since I have not seen a rental fee even with the new changes, one truly can win all of a 20M ante. But these are the reasons I can think of

        1) No table rental fee so you win all of the 20M you bet. Miniclip takes nothing.
        2) Desperation: Players get mad and want to bet everything they have to catch up to their losses so they bet it all.
        3) You get 2 chances instead of one. Since your opponent has to win 2 in a row, you have a better chance of winning?
        4) It's 20M so it's between Mumbai 15M and Berlin 25M, but you also don't have to call a pocket except on the 8. So to me it's like a game between Mumbai (must call pocket on all shots) and Berlin where piss-ins count but you have to bank the 8. So in terms of reward, theoretically it's in between Mumbai and Berlin.
        5) Players who have less than 20M sometimes are looking for a "handout". That is, they are hoping that the player they get matched with has billions and will just quit the game or lose on purpose to give you those coins. It may happen or it may not.
        6) They want to accumulate rings and this is a easy way to get rings while making coins. Easy in that it only takes 20 wins whereas Berlin takes 60 wins (or thereabouts).
        7) Fast way to rank up: When a player is trying to rank up quick and build coins, Monaco is one of the ways to do it.