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Equalizer cue upgrade?

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  • Equalizer cue upgrade?

    On which table can i upgrade myn equalizer cue to the max ?

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    I believe the Equalizer cue is not a standard cue in the game and it is a cue that you have to "purchase". Thus it is a cue that is included in a "collection" such as the cues that are in the current King's Collection. If a cue is in a collection, you won't be able to "upgrade" it until the collection comes around again and is offered for sale. If you already own a cue(s) in a collection and it comes around again, you will be given the option to purchase upgrades for it. That's my understanding but I'm not 100% because I have only purchased one cue from a collection, the Harvester cue, for $15usd but I don't even remember what collection it came from since I exclusively use one of my Legendary cues.