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Weekly league winnings not being added

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  • Weekly league winnings not being added


    I have a problem with ​my weekly winnings not being added towards my club since returning from a holiday to Turkey last week. My profile also has the Turkish flag which I am unable to change in my profile. I have emailed miniclip several times and they just send me an automated response each time and say they will not respond any more. Has anyone else had this issue and does anyone know how I can resolve it?




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    Hello niall71 and welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately it sounds like your account was flagged for doing something illegal and your account was "reset" which means that if you play a match, you should still be able to win the coins, but those coins/earnings will not count towards your weekly league or your club. How long this reset lasts? It varies. I have heard it lasts as little as 3 weeks to 2 months. Yes, you can try sending messages to Miniclip support, but they usually will not respond as they have deemed your account to have cheated and/or done something illegal. Sorry.


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      Thanks Dave. Hopefully it will be corrected soon


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        I hope so too. You should still be able to play games and win coins. The coins you won just won't count towards weekly league or clubs.