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Whatsapp cuts off pool

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  • Whatsapp cuts off pool

    Hi, every time I get a message on Whatsapp it cuts off my pool game on mobile phone.
    Is there any way to stop it and still receive messages?
    I've lost a lot of games because the timer always runs out by the time I've re-connected.

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    Hello Zack and welcome to the forum.

    What mobile phone is this happening on? I can only advise you based on my mobile phone wihich is a Samsung Galaxy s8+ running Android 9.
    On my phone if I get a Whatsapp message during a game, it appears as a notification "bar" at the top of my phone. I can either wait for about 1 sec and it will go away or I can physically "swipe" left or right to make it go away. Now if I tapped on that notification, then I get pulled out of the game and into Whatsapp where I have to quickly quit Whatsapp to reenter 8bp.

    It sounds to me like you need to go into your Whatsapp settings and take a look at the Notifications options. Try just turning off the notifications.

    Hope that helps. Keep us updated if you resolved your problem and how you did it. It may help someone else.


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      Hi D4ve, thanks. I have a Motorola Moto E3 Android 6.0. I've changed my 'Popup Notification' to 'No popup' in Whatsapp.
      I'll see how that goes to start with, will let you know


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        Problem solved, now I just hear the notification sound and my game is not interrupted in any way


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          Awesome! I was going to say there might be a compatibility issue using Android v6, but I guess not. Good deal!