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Lucky shot, Golden shot

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  • Lucky shot, Golden shot

    Over the past 2 weeks, I am having this problem of being able to play the first part, but upon trying to play the Golden shot part of the game, it just doesn't allow me to play it at all. I have posted this to admins page or the place you moan about stuff in this game but getting absolutely no help what so ever. Every other bit of the game plays without any problems. but this is starting to really hack me off. Anybody got anything on this to rectify this, please.

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    Hello stevie and welcome to the forum. Could you elaborate more on your problem? Does the game freeze? Are you not able to shoot? What do you mean by it doesn't allow you to play? Can you post a screenshot? Don't use this forum's attachment feature. It does not work. You will need to use an offsite page. I use postimages.org.

    Post or elaborate and hopefully someone here can help.


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      Usually on mobile the golden shot is the first thing that pops up on my screen when log in .. maybe stevie try playing a game first before trying to attempt this... just a suggestion.......