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  • maxxed out expert cues

    I haven’t ever got on the legendary cue bandwagon, but usually check my opponents cue, and mostly they have maxxed out legendaries.

    Mostly they are diamond or above VIP also, indicating they have purchased their cues.

    I can’t recall ever seeing a player with a maxxed out expert cue (although i know LMAO has posted pics of them before)

    Does anyone here have a maxxed out expert? Which one, and how long did it take you to get?

    Pretty much the only reason i play Berlin is to collect cue pieces, it is very slow going though, some weeks i get no expert pieces at all..

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    I think it depend on your luck I have one account very lucky. just spend 1000 cash from win and daily lucky shot and weekly leage and I got complete 7 leg cue


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      Just really starting out on that road myself Tom. Its going to be a long time until im able to max out anything, and if it takes spending the few bob to make it happen, then its going to take longer, lol.


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        maxing out an expert cue, that's like mission impossible but ofc it's doable if you have the patience
        i have ninja and jade expert level 7, bounty hunter level 6 and i think they have the highest chance to drop
        galaxy, platinum, shark and shangai seem to be the rarest and it will be a long time before maxing these

        how long does it take? easiest way to answer that is in the number of games played and won and numbers of boxes opened
        think of it like this, 1 game won=1 victory box and you need thousands (yes!) of them
        based on my experience and i will guesstimate here, i think you need around 3k give or take to max out one of the most common expert cues
        ninja, jade, tungsten, frankercue, bounty, winter, ice, diamond, gold, titan, solar, leopard (in this order based on my pieces) seem to be the more common drops

        how many boxes do you open per day? let's say on average, you open 5x3hours and 1x8hours and occasionally the 12hours box it's probably around 6 boxes per day
        this is presuming that you are timing them because if not you would probably average less boxes per day thus making the process even longer
        you can open more if you spend cash or win the luck shot here and there but that's not going to make a huge overall impact

        so if we agree on my presumption that you need 3k boxes as i said above we can do some quick maffs
        6boxes per day=500days
        5boxes per day=600days
        4boxes per day=750days
        3boxes per day=1000days
        2boxes per day=1500days
        1box per day=3000days

        if you want to max out the others i would say easily double the time and the super rare ones probably triple or more
        these are my estimates based on my experience and the number of berlin boxes that i opened and cues i collected
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          johndoe Cheers for that, i probably only average 4 boxes/day, so i think i’ll need to practice patience.

          Your list reflects accurately what i have experienced. I have Ninja up to level 6, and a heap of level 5’s, including my currently used “ice” cue


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            Originally posted by Tricky View Post
            johndoe Cheers for that, i probably only average 4 boxes/day, so i think i’ll need to practice patience.

            Your list reflects accurately what i have experienced. I have Ninja up to level 6, and a heap of level 5’s, including my currently used “ice” cue
            use alarm or notifier each 3 hours during the day and try to time the 8 or 12 hour boxes during sleeping at night that way you won't have any downtime
            during my process of collecting i became pretty numb to it all, taking focus off it because it's so repetitive and most of the time i only got craps
            it has taken me about 16 months to get platinum level 2 (which has 8-9-9-8 and is probably the best next to a level 4 shark with same stats)
            i am still collecting some and opening boxes but casually now as i don't really care about them as much since the above 2 were my main goal

            i had a list of cues with every stat and how they upgrade each level but i gave up on it out of boredom
            you can get some pretty nice cues fast if you are lucky, even some advanced ones have good enough stats to be used
            at above average stats the cue alone won't win or lose you the game unless you use one with low time
            what's your cue goal, do you plan to max some out or want to just get some very good ones?
            i could probably make another list and point out some good cues that are easy to get and have decent stats


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              I’m not too fussed, the cues i already have are plenty good enough. More interested in having a maxxed out expert level so it looks cool when other people check out my profile!


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                also if you have more leg cue and the give you the percent return is higher. one account with 7 leg and the return percent is 42% and another account with 1 leg cue and the percent return is 6% did any one notice about this


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                  Tricky the highest Expert cues I have are the Shark, Czar and Diamond cues. They are only level 3 and 4 and a LONG way to being maxed. As johndoe reported, it's takes a lot of patience and playing time and games and victory boxes to get pieces. It is my belief that maxing out Expert cues (as you have already figured out) are more "prestigious" than any other cues including legendary and special edition cues. Why? As you said, you can't "buy" those cue pieces. Those Expert cue pieces must be earned from victory boxes. And since you can't control what pieces you get, you have to rely on a lot of LUCK which means you have to win A LOT of victory boxes. On a side note, one of the hardest Expert cues to max or even unlock (I still have 2 pieces to unlock) is the Galaxy cue. If you play with someone who has the Galaxy cue or it's even maxed, you will have played with an experienced player


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                    Hahaha. I have the Galaxy cue


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                      Originally posted by Tricky View Post
                      Hahaha. I have the Galaxy cue
                      Now let's see you Max it