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Facebookpicture does not show up to opponents and itnernet

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  • Facebookpicture does not show up to opponents and itnernet

    When I play on my phone I can see my FB profilepictures. But oppenents can see it.
    On PC I also have a standard blue picture.. Anyone knows how to solve this?

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    Welcome to the forum kilowatter may be able to help you ? Or d4ve_tvi know having problems with name atm ? Maybe a glitch


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      Welcome to the forum Poolforum123. As Sapphire11759 mentioned, I'm having trouble in one of my accounts that is linked to facebook. I don't know if it's a glitch and I need to investigate more. Maybe someone else can contribute. I figured out I can log into my miniclip account and there is an option under edit profile where I can select my old avatar and I can also select my "Display Name". Well I changed it back to d4ve_tv and it does show that in my "account" in the Chrome, but when I click to play Pool it still shows "David". I have no idea where David came from?!? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr The bottom line I think is that whatever they did, there's so many glitches, that it's fruitless. I haven't even sent in a problem or question ticket to Miniclip because I doubt they would waste their time. Or I'd just get a generic answer.


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        i just read your response.. But indeed. on my phone my picture is showing and on webbroswer it isnt.. In my account setting it is showing my Facebookpicture but when I click avatar it shows the blue anonymous avatar..

        I contacted Miniclip but til now there is no solutiion yet..

        Thanks d4ve_tv for your response. And Sapphire11759 thanks


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          I think there is a bug on the software . I have more than 10 account active. some time they show my facebook picture with other facebook account lol