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The best cue to have?

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  • The best cue to have?

    I realise that different people may find different cues better for them but generally what’s the best cue to have?

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    Your mind plays the game, not cue.
    If the player is talented, has enough knowledge and experience about the game,
    constantly improves himself, spends time learning more, the cue used by the player is insignificant.

    There are players who do indirect denial with beginner cue, there are players who have won more than 100,000 games, have a high winning percentage, have a high level and use the legendary cue but do not know simple bank shots and don't want to learn.


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      I've always managed fine with Standard cue. FYI: I have just started a new mobile account!

      So much fun at the start, because of all fancy awards and I haven't yet lost any games. I now know what the Pool Pass is. The mobile version has much to offer. The only downside is that I can't use mouse to control it. I will lose games because of that.

      I will purchase the Standard cue soon, I won't need any other cues or updates. Hopefully my skills are enough to manage the cue recharges. It's annoying to run out of coins in the middle of the game. I've often lost my patience and lost everything in All In.


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        Thanks for your advice. I like the legendary cues due to money return on losses but I agree that how good you are plays a part. That said I cannot count how many times I’ve almost denied (probably 95%) of the time and then my ball will land awkward to pot the black or scratch. That can’t be just to do with skill otherwise I’d be doing it all game. It only happens on the black.


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          Danny44 you need to use spin, especially on the last ball. Sometimes it luck. I’ve been playing for a couple months daily, and even now I sometimes get snookered. What annoys me though is my opponents can easily deny me. And most of them don’t even use spin. I’m level 98 now and most of the opponents use leg cue or pool pass cue. But when I use my pool pass cue without spin, things go horrible lol


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            Danny44 Asking what's the best cue is asking a room of Michelin what's the best spice.
            I can only give you my opinion and that is the cue DOES make a difference. There will be players who will brag to you all day that they can beat anyone with a the beginner cue... laughable. Within the parameters of this game... given identical profiles and skill levels and number games played and won, if you have one player using the beginner cue with FAST stat of 0-0-0-0 and other player with the Archangel legendary cue (believed to one of if not the best cue) with a maxed FAST stat of 10-10-10-10... and they play a race to 10 in Berlin... who do I think will win?!? Well if you wanted to make it interesting and have an experienced player using the beginner cue and a newbie using the Archangel, the exp player "may" pull off a win, but in the end the cue makes a difference and I'd put my money on the Archangel. The Archangel will have a much longer Aim and much more controllable Spin as well as Force.

            The writers of the game intended from the very beginning that the Legendary be the "best" most sought after cues in the game. Hence they're the only ones that give you a return on coins (up to 6% per cue) when you lose. Now out of the leg cues, it's arguable which one you consider "the best". Most like me will use our "strongest" leg cue or the one that's most upgraded. For me currently is the Valkyrie at Level 4.

            As mentioned, your "best" cue is one that you can manage and play the best. The one that you're most comfortable and know the feel of it... how it shoots, how it spins. When I started, my fav cue was the Sheep cue until I bought my first country cue! Save up 40 pool cash and get one. With it's low recharge, that's the most solid cue for the buck! All the country cues have the same FAST stat and is a well rounded reliable cue with a great low recharge of 160 coins. After that my fav would be the Czar. It served me well. Now I'm spoiled by my leg cues. I can tell if I accidentally switched to a non-leg cue because I'll notice right away that it handles differently from what I'm used to. It's all about practice and getting to know your cue. If you switch cues between every game, you will learn for yourself how diff cues shoot. And you'll find your favorite that way.