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How do hackers get detected?

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  • How do hackers get detected?

    How do cheaters get detected in 8 ball pool? I just want to know. Is there a list if hacks or mods you scan? Is there more to it than that?

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    Originally posted by Suad View Post
    How do cheaters get detected in 8 ball pool? I just want to know. Is there a list if hacks or mods you scan? Is there more to it than that?
    I moved your post the the pool section Suad , so hopefully more see it here and answer your question.


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      Hello Suad and welcome to the forum. Great question and I don't have a definitive answer but I can tell you my educated guesses. I think there are multiple answers.

      Yes I believe that Miniclip has sniffers that scan games in search of users who use cheating hacks and apps. Now how often and which games they scan or if they scan "every" single live game... I don't know if that's possible.

      I think Miniclip also "watches" for certain repeated activities such as if you're playing the same player AND repeatedly QUIT the game right after it begins.

      I also believe they rely on reports by other players. If they receive multiple reports about a particular player, they should then investigate and/or scrutinize that player's account for unusual activity.

      These are just my guesses. I'm sure there are others here who have their own guesses. A miniclip employee may or may not confirm or deny these guesses. Unfortunately this forum is not monitored by Miniclip so we will probably never know.


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        i believe in most cases it's an automated system because they don't have the manpower to handle otherwise, perhaps with a few exceptions
        when i used to play hon (a moba game) it was pretty dumb, 5v5 game and let's say 3 or 4 of your team were queued together and they wanted to force you to play or do something and you would not give in
        they would all report you and ask the other team to report as well and the more reports you got the higher the chance for an insta ban which happened quite a lot even if you were innocent

        more reports in our MC game would not be bad since it would take different people altogether who do them but again i doubt they will actually look into each case individually
        if you don't get reported and you do shady stuff like win trading and coin transfers you might get away with it, not sure if they check accounts based on income and whatnot

        in terms of hacks they should (hopefully) have a system in place that detects know methods (very important KNOWN...) because unknown ones sadly there's no way to deal with them
        like if a guy developed his own hack that he does not share publicly and is low key using it for his own, he may get away with it for a long period of time before he even gets detected
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          Thank you for the replies gentlemen! I was just wondering how they choose to ban people or give them warnings. So they most likely use known mods and hacks scans. like those overlays that give you long lines that are all over the playstore on android. Then they ban hammer. Okay, so as long as they are doing that then I feel safer playing and investing my time into this multi-player game. I loved 8ball pool from the moment I found it on the playstore. It has kept me entertained for months. There is nothing like laying down with my phone and opening 8bp and playing against people from all around the world. I met some cool people and have been in some nice clans. It's good clean fun. I am trying to get a blue diamond league status. I just need more luck and accuracy. I think I need to study imaginary lines more for that to happen. Luck is something God gives us. I hope God is on my side.