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How do i change my avatar pic to one of mine?

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  • How do i change my avatar pic to one of mine?

    I see lower level players (i am now 71) with personal avatars.

    How can i make a pic of mine as my avatar?

    Any help would be good because i want this to go with my valkyrie cue.

    A Greek myth was that when you died valkyries took you to heaven or elsewhere. Nick the Greek suggested my back tatt and i thought cool.

    They don't have any leggy lacemonitor (Vanranus varius) cues or it would be something different that can never be repeated

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    The only way I'm aware of is to sign in using facebook and your profile picture on facebook will be your avatar


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      Yep, wut he said

      Oh and Fred ? After 33 years your Valkyrie must be a fat and saggy old lady by now, that length of time certainly hasn't been kind to me hun


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        I did log into this game through my farcebook account, but have not been on it for quite some time (probably over a year) So i have no ide why my pic is not showing. it is a one off and can never be legally repeated. I am holding 2 large lace monitors (Varanus varius) that I caught in 1997. Cuddles gave me a deep scratch about 3 inches long on my left forearm that is permanent.

        A guy I knew said only 1 in a hundred wild caught get tame and cuddles took 4 years of constant handling before he stopped wanting to bite when I held him. Since 1997 NSW got really strict and made every keeper register in an amnesty so you cannot catch anything and keep it anymore. Hence the fact that my pic is the only one in the world. Snuggles on the other hand only tried to bite when I caught him (I think it was a male not sure ). this is a pic of snuggles not long after I caught him. I stopped doing this when he slipped and almost got my eye