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gift box icon on each friend in friends list?

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  • gift box icon on each friend in friends list?

    I am playing on my iPad Mini 2 logged in through Facebook.

    When I go into my friend list there is a Gift Box icon to the left of the "Challenge" button for each friend. This icon doesn't tell you anything but it toggles on and off with each click. What is that for? Is it to send coins to the friend or is it requesting coins from the friend to be sent to me? (I NEVER request coins from my friends but I get them sent to me everyday) The reason I ask is I used to be able to send friend in my list coins once a day. Now I am lucky to be able to send coins to a few friends in my list once every few days. What I have been noticing is when I try to send coins to my list, the window is empty and it says I have no friends online (when I actually have several online). If I look at my friends list now that gift icon is now toggled on for most friends in my list. Sending coins to a friend that requests them in my club works flawlessly. I hope I explained that clear enough for you to understand what I'm seeing. I am confused what that icon is for because I don't ever see anything happening with it.

    Thanks for the help

    Hugh Jass Koda