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Good Idea imho

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  • Good Idea imho

    I think they should be a table for people to pratice bank/cushion/back shots what ever you chossen word, Against players to pratice yes i do them in games when possible , but sometimes play 50m 30m games ect can be risky a little t...For high and low rank players just for pratice and bit of fun...With no wins/coins/win factor ect involded at all only for fun pratice purposes..i try and do get people draw into play full games bank shots ect,

    Reason bcus some people play fair and bank shots whole game ect, but some stab ya in the back when easy shot to pot....then no fun in that...echoed reason just bcus tha wont win a game for said purposes above. So to take away you win nothing factor only for fun , will keep the just wont to win/smash ya out of the game, even some want to just smash ya on 50 coins , silly when you just want a bit of fun...

    just food for thought any thoughts n opinons?

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    I often play the "Dallas" 9-ball table for ONLY 100 coins. When it is my turn, I only play bank/cushion shots. With 9-ball the table is not congested and this is a perfect way to practice your banking skills and the most you lose is 100 coins. HOWEVER, whenever I do this most ALL of my opponents follow and only play bank shots--they "get it" and we enjoy several games together with the "I want to play again" option with all bank shots. It's a fun way to practice by playing an actual game. It works well for me...


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      I agree all bank shots on 8 ball often ends up with congestion where i end up just smashing a pack - kind of embarrassing if it results in a pocket.

      9 ball is easier for all bank shots.

      That’s where clubs really come into play, just play with a fellow club member who has the same ideas.