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Tablet Cue problem

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  • Tablet Cue problem


    I'm playing 8 ball,for a few years now, always on my smartphone. Couple of days ago I bought a Tab and instaled 8 ball.
    Cue is working completely different as on the phone.
    Lenght of the Cue stroke on the Tablet(from Min to Max) is half of what's on the phone. So the ability to measure and decide the strenght of the Cue stroke is cut in half and VERY VERy hard, as good as impossible to hit a ball with strenght you want.
    Anybody noticed the same problem and is there any solution for it??
    Thanks ​​

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    Agree bro, ive signed in on tablet ect to try it out ect, no chance it complety differnet like you say i can not get to grips with it, ill stick to mobile but love to have a little bigger screen ect..


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      Also experienced the same. I use Facebook to login to 2 devices currently. The tab was a complete fail, though it may help me improve ngl when I get some free time ...