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A question about the 15 times bet suggestion

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  • A question about the 15 times bet suggestion

    I read somewhere that you should only play on a table if you have about 15 times the entry fee.

    My question is when do you stop if you lose every game before you go to a lower table? I know it would be unusual but would like some constructive relevant input.

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    This is an interesting one and I believe it would depend on how good you are at the game + what rooms you are playing.

    (I suppose loosely based on the poker 20 x big blind theory) you only gamble what you can afford, if you are a 35% win rate player you probably want more than 15 times in reserve to the value of the room you are playing, if you are 65%, you can take more risk.

    Also the higher the stake (room) the more tokens you want to compensate for the inevitable loss to better players.

    For example ,having 50m before you go near Paris... (x20) may seem conservative to a really good player but risky if you can't pot for crap.

    as always avoiding the temptation to up the stakes to chase your losses is the key,. We All do it lol


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      If you can do a denial, or at least make all your direct shots (other than snookers/ those requiring indirect or bank shots) then a good rule is 10x. Or 15x to be conservative.
      so if you have 100k, 10k is the max bet (Vegas).
      ​​1M, 100k max (Toronto)
      And so forth...
      THE discipline is if you win, nice; but if you lose - reapply the 10x rule. So if you played Vegas and lost, you would be 90k in this example. 10% means you can bet max 9k, so you drop down a table to Tokyo (2.5k as there is no 9k table).

      Hope this simplify things...
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        Yeah, that 15% is not set in stone. But its a good place to start. I used it myself in the early days, and it worked out well for me. undiscovad said it perfectly, once you drop down below the margin of the 10 or 15% you are using, drop down to a lower table. But if your winning, and losing the odd one here and there, and your still within that range, keep playing it. Then move up when you have that 10 to 15% times again.


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          When you’re on the margins, it’s tricky.

          If I go for a high table I generally calculate whether I can accept 3 losses in a row.

          if I can’t, I play lower cost games.

          My free rewards at the moment include an option that I cannot participate in.

          I think that’s weird.


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            Thanks for the answers. I get about 50% winnings. I can pot most direct shots, about 40% bank shots, so I might stick to low tables until I can afford to lose 3 in a row.