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Club Rewards not given?

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  • Club Rewards not given?

    Hello the club that I participate in finished #2 in the Club Country ladder, which for there is a 640 cash reward.

    I am a co-leader and contributed the second most to the total winnings for the week, and yet I didn't receive any reward from Club Winnings.

    I received the individual rewards for topping Emerald league ladder, but I did not receive club rewards. What could be the issue?
    Keep in mind I'm not a cheater, I'm playing this game fairly, I received the rewards from individual ranking, but I am yet to receive club rewards.

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    you would only get 5% of the $640 if you were in top 10 of club. Ive been on teams several times where we never got the rewards we advanced to next level but never got the payout.