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    So checking this championship that just started today.

    The #1 player is a player with only 832 games, 21,700 coins and a 77.9% win rate, #417-984-842-3. Person already has 2million pints

    The number four player has 30 win streak. 12.4 billion coins, 78.8% win streak. # 416-178-663-1.

    100% cheatos yet they are still playing unhindered.

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    Here is a copy and paste from the reddit 8 ball pool forum by the user 51percentile about this, I just think it is very informative about the championships.

    I really think it's Miniclip doing the cheating, or a lot of it. Under the avatar in the player stats there is a 3-dot (...) menu that has an option for reporting "cheating" by players. It is obviously there because they know there are cheaters using bots. So they don't do anything to really stop it. And it takes the fun out of the game.

    I'm in the top 1,000 right now, but will lose it here within the next 30 minutes. Definitely I won't lose the top 100K. It cost me about 3,000 cash to get there at about 837 and then I started over; so I can't afford to do it again. Initially, I got the first 256 points by starting over after every loss and didn't spend any cash. Then at 256, I started doubling up to the max of 990 cash and paid that amount out at least twice. I finished with over 20,000 points unless I play anymore. But I don't see the point now.

    I've been in the top 100K before on these events. It's not impossible to do, but takes a lot of time & games played. What I didn't know until this time is that the max payout for points is 4,096 per win once you reach that level. It stops doubling at 4,096. So I did the simple math and this is what I came up with:

    The top player right now has 1.33 million points and the #2 player has 1.29 million. The rank of these players is a mere 59 & 48, respectively. The #2 player had been in 1st place early on and his rank was only about 37 when he started. So these are reasonably new players, supposedly anyway.

    But here's the math part: At 4,096 points per win once you get that far, which is actually only the 15th win, you will ONLY get that many points per win from that point on. So at just 1.3 million points, divided by 4,096, that means the #1 player had to have WON a minimum of 317 games. And that doesn’t count LOST games, of course.

    So let's say it takes an average of even two (2) minutes per game, which would be a minimum. That works out to 10.5 hours of play time. And that is ONLY the games WON in this case, NOT the games LOST. So if you assume at best a win average of 50%, that means the player must have played an additional 317 games, for a total of 634 games. Then that works out to 21.0 hours of play time to end up with 1.3 million points.

    But here's the BIG problem: As of right now, the game has only been running for eleven (11) hours! So in order to have won 1.3 million points in that amount of time, the player would have had to not only been playing non-stop since the start of the event, BUT he also could NOT LOSE ANY GAMES in the process. LOL!

    So it's rigged. It's so severely rigged that it's not even funny. And these clowns at Miniclip are just that: They are STUPID CLOWNS for playing their junk like this.

    As far as outright apparent cheating goes, during the time I was playing today, I witnessed at least two HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE plays: Both were on the break where the player turned the cue stick around facing AWAY from the rack of balls. And the tip of the sticks were at about 45 angles to the rack, NOT 90. So that should have made it extremely difficult to even hit the #1 ball and be a legal break, but they did.

    And I kid you not: On BOTH of those breaks the 9-ball went into the pocket.

    So these guys were clearly having some fun and showing off, whoever it was.. It was over so fast that I didn't have time to open their profiles and click on the "cheating" button mentioned above before the board was cleared. And frankly, I don't believe it would have done any good anyway.

    Bottom line, the game is severely rigged. It is either rigged by Miniclip itself, or by players, or by both. But it doesn't matter. Rigged is still rigged no matter how you cut the cheese. STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME...


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      100%. You hit the nail on the head. What is so short sighted by miniclip is they think these cheaters help with non cheaters willing to pay more money to compete. I’m willing to wager they are losing more paid customers because of the cheating. Might have helped in the past when the cheating wasn’t so obvious but with the way it is now, why would anyone pay?


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        Hi Folks.
        agree. I last spent real money in July 2022, even then there was cheating opponents. Since then it's gotten 1000x worst. 10m Miami is unplayable. Payback on legendary cues is low, (no where near the up to 100%). I end up putting in at least a billion in diamond league but net lose or break even coins on week. No incentive to spend a cent. Trying to also drop to 100 coin miami. Even the cheats own the winstreaks, not just big championship winnings...


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          On an unrelated note, I managed to get the ring. 4k points. Normally don't play these championships, but I'm sick of losing coins to the cheats so side quest ... ring looks cool. Feel sorry for the guy in 4th-1000th who scored massive points to just get 10m coins lol. I'll take the ring only, having spent some pool cash (not real cash)