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Cheetos Coin sellers advertising on Telegram

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  • Cheetos Coin sellers advertising on Telegram

    Anyone else notice the surge of coin sellers advertising via their clubs on Telegram? Just take a look at the world leaders, most are selling in Telegram.

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    This is a well known fact, cheaters cheat to make a real profit by stealing coins from us fair folks then selling them using transfer methods. Maybe the target market for these buyers is telegram, idk. I'm a fool whom spent real monies on the miniclip store (mostly on pool passes and pool cash) but I stopped when I learnt about the dark world of coin sellers. Ps. They are a fraction of what mc charges so I get why someone might go that way. I'd never buy coins though, I mean another cheat can wipe out and you wasted your real money....
    Moral of story, it's there. abusers of the game, nothing new
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