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Is 8 ball pool gone forever from emulators?

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  • Is 8 ball pool gone forever from emulators?

    Seems like Miniclip isn't interested in fixing their emulator issues or am I missing something? I've tried Bluestacks, LDPlayer and several others but no luck, 8 ball pool won't work with any of them. After reading on this site it's been an issue for months so has Miniclip quit supporting emulators?

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    Welcome to the forum Southerntester, I too have tried many emulators for the PC and had zero success. Maybe one day Mini-clip will add the same features that Mobile has to the PC version but even if they do I'll probably fine myself playing the same table over and over again and again like I always do.


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      Sucks, doesn't it...
      AND they stole my money when they knocked it out in Bluestacks.
      Bluestacks says write them and complain.
      For the life of me, I don't see what harm it can do miniclip to have thousands of more players.


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        I dont use emulators I prefer the PC version of the game.
        yesterday I scoured the net searching for the emulator problem solution, I ended up testing many versions of Bluestacks and NOX with many versions of the 8BP APK/XAPK, each time it requests I upgrade to the latest version of pool, turns out the solution will be to enable VT through my BIOS to allow 64bit emulation of Android11 (which I'd never do)
        about virtualization

        about risks of enabling VT

        it's all down to miniclip only they hold the solution

        here's a good work around for anyone who still wants to play on mobile but on their TV or PC monitor.

        How To CAST Android Mobile Phone Screen to PC Laptop

        how to do this on iPhone


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          I tried that on mine but it was real slow compared to normal...
          MAYBE my machine, but I doubt it.
          PC version is like AOL to me compared to the mobile features and games, plus there are about 1/10th of the people on it.
          I do play it though.
          Been checking out another game on Bluestacks infinity 8 ball.
          Not as good but almost ok. lol
          sacrilegious, I know.


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            I love to on my smartphone.
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              The of the game is still fine.
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                I think it's still possible to on Bluestacks...
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                  I tried ytd on memu it does work but all your opponent are hackers with auto play instant shots, aim, bank, all at once. And you wont get break for 20 rounds consecutive XD I'll stick to mobile for now.