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    This games got you down with all the Cheats?

    Here is a fun challenge to sharpen your skills, have fun, and POST YOUR RESULTS!

    I tried this the other day after being whooped by as many as maybe twenty cheats, it got my mind off of losing to these asswipes.

    What is it you ask? Its the "PRACTICE" tab, select the "Play Quick Fire" @ 25 coins/play and test yourself.

    Lastly, POST a screenshot of your best results, sound like fun?

    Here is a post of my results after about 6 or so games.


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      Originally posted by MaryKent90210 View Post

      I too play Quick fire and practice table lots Kodii
      I like to race to 10 wins against myself with bank the 8 rules, or 5 wins if short on time.

      Last edited by MaryKent90210; 25-04-23, 02:22 AM.


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        MaryKent, holy shootshit ,you ON FIRE !!

        Holy craps, you OK after that, that wrist action is lightening fast, very impressive

        The added video, nice i didn't even think of that


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          Thank you Kodii!!! I've noticed while playing quick fire, bank shots don't give as much points, also in the later racks if you scratch you lose more time. I once tried a all bank shots quick fire and noticed the score was not adding up. I'm no expert but kinda goes without saying, don't scratch and don't miss, flukes sometimes do help. I'd bet you could pass my score, I just know it!!!!

          But yeah, the cheaters are sickening and just keep getting worse, I'm taking a break from the game this week and will play the practice and quick fire to help with the withdrawal.


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            that was fun!
            i should have read the rules i potted the black early in every game only just realized it gives you less points & takes more time off
            im going to read the rules lol


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              MaryKent90210 playing that fast the audio is lagging in the video HAHAHA you literally broke the speed of sound
              (the orange stripe bank on your 8th rack was amazing)


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                Thanks wiccatree, I was stuck, lol. I hope someone breaks my high score, I want to see if I can do better.


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                  Lets go ladies, OMG Wicca and Mary smokin me, i think this "backfired" on ME.

                  MaryKent another look at your video shows the balls look like they have brakes on them as they get hit, what are you playing on,

                  when i play my balls keep rolling they, dont brake like yours do

                  ROUND 2 ???


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                    can anyone post the RULES you get please when you 1st play?
                    they popped up on my 1st game but i didn't read them & they're not popping up anymore


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                      it's okay I logged into another account:



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                        much easier knowing the rules 2nd try lol


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                          KODII, I'm playing on a Dell OptiPlex 3020 with a intel-i5 4590 with a MSI GT 1030 2GB LP OC Graphic Card, I just had the video sped up to save time, it was 15 minuets in a 4 minute video.

                          Mario Ferraro



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                            Thanks for the rules wiccatree, I see the cushions equals less points now, I guess to discourage flukes. You are getting closer now.


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                              Here is my attempt at a high score on the mobile version using a emulator.



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                                I don't see anything in the rules that says potting 8 ball early subtracts time or points......


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                                  This is fun... How do I post the image again???

                                  Anyhow, here's mine on the third try:

                                  Shots Made:
                                  127 Shots

                                  Balls Potted:
                                  111 Balls


                                  Longest Streak:
                                  A Sucky 12 Shows in a Row

                                  Aim Time per Shot:
                                  2.3 Seconds

                                  Total Time Played:
                                  13m 35s

                                  Rack Reached:
                                  Rack 8


                                  High ScoreL:

                                  @marykent I'm coming for you....


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                                      Ryan Cawdor, good luck, I welcome the attempt. I want to see if I can do a better score. I scratched 1 time and I believe I missed 3 shots too.


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                                        Ok...ty, got it... here's my next attempt... wow, Shots Made, Balls Potted and Accuracy were exactly the same as the time b4...

                                        this is a great game, it's basically straight pool (or 14.1 Continuous).... Playing this game I realized that I let the cue ball travel quite a lot...which I do in real life...to get shape for the next shot... And meanwhile the clock is running down even tho just the cue ball is moving!! and in straight pool, you focus on cleaning each quadrant out before moving to the next quadrant.... so basically i had to shoot short quick strokes.. Was a bit of a challenge....

                                        and I realized if I didn't have a shot, dont spend time trying to slop in sometihing, since balls traveling means the clock running down, just softly hit the cue ball to a place where u will have a shot... I didn't realize a missed shot didn't subtract time (or does it), so it's better to do that and quicky pot the next ball....