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  • They may be robots, but surely they're the best player in the world.


    • Originally posted by MaryKent90210 View Post

      Here you go Hwli , I left the video as is except I cut the 7 minutes we took on the 8 ball in round 2. I felt it best to leave it as is because it shows the progress we go through when we calculate the path of the cue and target ball, the only way I'm able to make shots like that is to visualize what will happen, some day's it's very difficult much like you've described previously, kiss shots sure can break a brain if you let it.

      To Everyone.
      This will be my last post here on the forums, I'm currently going through a unhealthy situation with another member here and I find it very difficult to handle, If I stay I feel the forums may become a place I dread and not love. I've had issues like this in the past, honestly didn't think I'd go through that here, maybe I deserve it for being so tenderhearted. I've noticed a few other members that have mentioned similar issues before disappearing completely from the forums so this could be a repeating pattern. I hold no grudges. I tried to hold off until after Christmas to say my goodbyes but I feel that time has came at this moment. First off I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very merry Christmas and happy holidays regardless of your religious beliefs, I hope all your Christmas wishes come true. Happy new year as well. I hope I've made each and all of your visits here just a little bit more enjoyable. I'll not burn no bridges but strictly keeping to 8 ball pool, here's my list of the all time greats that I have met over the years and there has been so many. May seem a bit silly to some but I can only base this list off my experiences of the players I've played over the years and the tables I make a home at. Most of these players can be found on the phenomenal players thread. First place and second place is a double tie, 1st place Bernie the beast and Hwli the flying Hawaiian, sorry for the nick name, I know, I'm a weirdo lol, I've played Bernie on many tables over the years, that's mainly why I list him first, Hwli listed second as a tie with Bernie, if you ever meet Hwli you'll know your in for a whipping, the fact he playes indirect with me gives me a glimmer of hope and even then it's a battle, he's a remarkable player. 2nd place goes to COOLOCKER and Lao, COOLOCKER comes first because he's able to do something I've never seen from Lao, that's the ability to show compassion and to win a game from a no win situation, Lao lacks both those abilities, a good player should never rely on a break to win although it sure does make it easier as he's demonstrated countless times over the years. So many really good players here, Gingio, KODII, cidercoder, far too many to mention here. KODII I consider among the best as well, the fact he has 31 billion coins and the win percentage he's got while playing Mumbai Berlin and Dallas is remarkable, and that's during the worse PC cheater problem PC has seen, those are the hardest tables IMO, Ryan is a fearlessly good player that will put you in your place if provoked, wiccatree is another player that is full of much potential, play's better mad as she has demonstrated but a good smart player when need be. I try not to take the game too seriously and always try and make this game fun even with the cheater problems that is going on at the moment. I feel I've spoken my peace and I wish you all the best in each and everything you do in life's journey. Long live PC 8 ball pool, happy 8balling to each and all. GOODBYE!!!
      I just saw this post... Sorry that you are leaving!.... i hope you come back! btw, whoever this other player is, I think you can block them....??

      And yes, the only place cheaters don't show up is the Tournaments....


      • Originally posted by wiccatree View Post
        They may be robots, but surely they're the best player in the world.

        Interesting music there!


        • https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxUXK...UO2geoqpASOwrn
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