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  • Chat issues

    Hello. Just wondering if any other teams are experiencing problems with seeing chat on the group chat section on pool and issues with gift requests. ? Not much chat showing and people are telling me , via our Facebook page, that they are posting stuff ? Thanks in advance

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    Hi Brenda. I can tell you the group chat in the game on the PC version has been dodgy for a long time now. Sometimes chats will be posted, but wont be seen. Some chats have been posted that dont show up later in the day etc. Gifting is also non existent on the PC version. As for the mobile version of the game, i cant say if there are any problems on that as i dont use it, but others here do, and im sure they will post later.


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      Originally posted by Brenda View Post
      problems with seeing chat on the group chat
      yes it's common for me too, after I've posted a message I refresh to check & if it's not there I will re-post the same comment & it always works so just get them to re-post.
      also I believe MC uses word censors so don't use words like "coins, cheat, free".


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        whats your group ID Brenda I'll check it out if it's not full?