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Possible Cheating and Other strange things..

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  • Possible Cheating and Other strange things..

    Good evening,

    I´m here to unburd some feelings and thoughts about this game.

    I´ve been playing it for quite a while now as long as i´m a snooker player for almost 40 years..
    By the time i found this game i was very happy and pleased till i start to notice that some things doesn´t make any sense and others could just not be possivel. At the beggining i thought "ok it´s a game so it´s fair to have some bug and of course i beleive that it is not possible to predict the billions shots or make a progrma fair enough to calculate it all.

    But after some time i notice strange things such as a player pointing (guide line) a ball in a direction that you see is going to fail,
    really impossible to not fail, and then the game apparently stoped and INSTANTLY you just see the ball in the pocket and the white rolling on the carpet..

    The players of higher levels such as 200 or 300 and upwards never get the white ball without a way through a next ball no matter how they shot or force on it.. strange don´t you think?

    Some games i do a filming video and after by watching in slowmotion i did realise that some balls didn´t do the supposed path.. even combined the effect introduced in the shot. It is just not possible that a ball doing a straight line suddenly do a oval detour!

    Even happen other incredible thing.. i won a "Singapore Dragon" championship and in the end the game not only DID NOT retirn the 10.000 tax entry as didn´t return the 60.000 coins. (See picture below)

    So i started to look at their profiles and then i realise that they just can be fake ones.

    And this make me hangry and sad as i did spent some euros to look forward in competition. This is not fair. Not at all.

    You can take this player of the photo as an example. Almost without championships is on a high rank and with 9.45 BILLION COINS.

    So now tell me.. how ?

    [IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https/\/\/4704\/39986556051_74604ecdfd_h.jpg"}[/IMG2]Screenshot_20180129-121507 by Paulo Soares, no Flickr

    [IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https/\/\/4631\/39955330212_1cb9424b2e_h.jpg"}[/IMG2]GameScreenshot_20180127-145425 by Paulo Soares, no Flickr

    IF i´m wrong please do advise me.
    Many thanks to all.
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    This game is DESGUSTING! From 7 million coins to 80.000 in a matter of 10 or 12 games.. always inserting the white.. always without shot cause the white kept behind the oppossite balls... some of my opponents inserting 4 or 5 balls in the inittial shot, no matter the brute force they shot they never get the white behind any or insert it in a pocket.. and again and again and again and agian till i rest in 625 coins.. AMAZING!

    7 millions coins in a dozen games flow away! Just in a blink of an eye!

    CONGRATULATIONS MINI CLIP! When you decide one should loose no matter what to go BUY more coins youre the best!
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      Im going to..
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        Hi Paulo. This is a fan forum, so as far as i am aware, nobody here actually works for miniclip ( i could be wrong). Im not sure what you are seeing in the game, but trust me when i say that a lot of us who play the 8 ball pool game see some strange things happening also. Something you need to be aware of is that the game does have some glitches in it. One of these glithces is commonly known as the transporter glitch, where balls seem to relocate themselves on the tables. Yes, there is cheating going on in the game as well, but would you want to risk having your account banned if miniclip found ou you where using a cheat? I know i wouldnt.

        Trust me when i say that they do find out, and do ban accounts for it. Its not worth the risk mate.


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          Hi guys,

          There is a new cheat in the wild.
          First some guy named Iqbal last his game, I potted the black regularly and he won the game!
          Next, I play another guy # 1 072 524 631and after I pot a ball he gets to win the game.
          Obviously a cheat on the loose.
          I am sure I am not the only one facing the cheating.
          The sooner Miniclip catches those cheaters, the sooner we can play again.
          Thank you for reading.


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            2018 and 8 ball pool is still easily hackable
            My Miniclip channel