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8 Ball World Tour - Concept & Format

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    There have been a few posts in this forum recently asking about hosting tournaments. It seems there arenít enough players to host a tournament on this forum alone.

    The World Tour is being re-started again on Pool Competitions. A couple of World Tour tournaments were run here last year which were popular, but itís better to host this on our own site dedicated to forum competitions. The forum allows us to check which players are active, and see who has tried to arrange their matches with Visitor Messages/User Comments.

    In addition to normal 8 ball, we run 9 ball tournaments and a few other fun variations, which restrict which pockets you can pot balls in. At the moment, thereís a 9 Ball Cup open for registration, as well as 8 Ball World Tour Event 3.

    If youíre interested, feel free to sign up and check your email to activate your account.
    Pool Competitions