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More oddities with my friend and I playing

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  • More oddities with my friend and I playing

    So we're in the same game, and the bets are laid down.
    My screen the bets are: player 1 - 3: $200, $400, $400
    My roommates screen: player 1 - 3: $203, $406, $460

    How is this even possible?

    And has anyone noticed that when one person wins, they win like 5-6 hands without even trying? I see guys plop down big coin with a 2 and an 8 and win. How did they know they would win with such a garbage hand, not even the same suit?

    Something is really jacked about that.

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    Did you fold, as that is Poker, I have bluffed myself and won hands I should never have won.
    Half the game is about bluffing and winning with a "High card" making the opponent believe you have a flush or straight and betting them into a fold.

    Check out my page linked above and challenge my scores.


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      Oh, your two guys playing in the same room the Big Blind and the Small Blind explain that, have you ever played real poker as that is how it works.

      Check out my page linked above and challenge my scores.


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        This has nothing to do with big or small blind. I didn't say one person bet $400 and a different person bet $406.

        I said, the SAME person shows $400 on my PC and his bet shows $460 on my roommates laptop. If I called his bet I would be calling $400, my roommate said he was going to call it and it was showing $460.

        When one person bets $400, every other player should see that person's bet as $400, regardless of big or small blind.  Have YOU ever played real poker?


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          Game has always had several bugs, tho I have never had chance to see if bets are different to others than to me.

          When they first introduced the game, during original MC forum, we are allowed to report bugs & problems in forum thread, and support actually read them and sometimes replied us. Unfortunately these days they seems to be deaf & blind to concerns about other games than pool. So eventhough I totally understand your frustration, unfortunately we can't help you with this...

          And, Miniclip is taking down their credit system, among which they have announced that Bullfrog's destiny is under consideration, so it might be so that we soon have no poker game to play in miniclip at all...


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            Thanks for the response, I'm kind of getting the feeling that they aren't interested in maintaining this game like the others, so what you said makes sense.