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  • Originally posted by TheDeathyl1:45187
    Originally posted by Exy:45156
    Actually I read somewhere that they do. I've never noticed it myself.
    They do in fact. I found out while I was driving my quasar up the backsides of the running wreckers.
    As you said, they continue damage after they have exploded

    Bomb Damage value = 4
    Spikes Damage value = 2
    Push value = 800.0

    The push value confuses me.  It does not seem to differentiate between the grenade and the spikes.  However I have never seen my rear spikes after explosion push anyone to the same degree as the grenades when they explode.  In fact the spikes appear to have no push at all.  Maybe this is a programers oversight.  Or maybe it was intentional.


    • Most of the time I don't even see my bombs pushing people away, never mind the spikes.
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      • Originally posted by Exy:45230
        Most of the time I don't even see my bombs pushing people away, never mind the spikes.
        Sometimes the bombs explode when I am no where near the rear area of the wrecker.
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        • I think that after you kill the enenmy all the item boxes should disappear.Or at least fix that bug that you can get infinite item boxes lol
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          • To start with, I think you have a great game and very happy to see the work you do to improve it.

            I am a little disappointed with the new bot venom. I love how it drives but the weapons really don't work. The venom mortar does not seem to do much damage. and the range is terrible. Suggestion: A bit more damage and range would be nice.

            As for the venom jet. not sure what that does. Other then it looks like you bot is passing gas (had to many backed beans lol) Suggestion: when hit with it, it blinds the opponent for 2 - 3 seconds (green screen)

            As for the claw. I do like it and I normally don't like the claw. The one suggestion I have for that is that it should disable the front and back weapons, not the defensive one. It's hard enough to grab someone. but to get pounded at the same time is a little unfair. This works both for the claw and the venom claw. Also the venom claw needs to go out more from the bot you run off the edge before you can let someone go.

            All in all great game. Thank you very much.


            • For the love of god, please take away the health drops. I'm so sick of losing to people who are not as good as me, because they get mutiple health dropped on their ass. It utterly ruins the game.
              Serve no master but your ambition.


              • Played the game for a day now, its brilliant and I'm happy to be playing Robot Rage again.

                Just a few things come to mind:

                Could do with a HUD showing the opponents health/level/weapons. Perhaps it was intentional to only show opponent health on the Bot itself, to be tactical?

                Are there noises which indicate what your opponent is picking up, health and ammo etc?

                If these have been suggested already I apologise, I haven't read fully, but I guess my thoughts go to the tally.

                PS. It would be fun to be able to claw the defeated bot!


                • 4th Exclusive Weapon

                  4th Exclusive Weapon
                  and Color editing

                  i only have few ideas for all robot's 4th and final exclusive weapon.
                  i think it will be cool to have them. seeing the robot in full set

                  Venom-Defense-Venom Gas-Venom release a massive amount of Corrosive gas in his surrounding. has the weakest push of all defense weapons

                  Bolt-Front-Thunder Hammer-Hammer that release electric current on impact
                  Impact damage=Like the sledge hammer Electric current Damage=weak

                  Quasar-No idea
                  Bite-No idea
                  Wrecker-Front-Drills-Hit continuously just like the Chainsaw