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Pulse Check. Still alive???

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  • Pulse Check. Still alive???

    Been a while since I played last and was curious to go back and check how things are. Seems to have gotten lamer!.  The rooftop no longer has random supplies, same supplies, same position and same starting point for the robot every single time!. I'm sure most of the good players have left by this time. The game seems almost dead, l lot of times the server could not find an opponent and when it does find one, its usually a "Guest" with the basic Crash robot. If you are a veteran in RR and you are reading this, post your thoughts.
    Yes, actively playing
    No, just checking occasionally to see if anything improved.

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    Still playing in dribs and drabs, but never on the rooftop.

    While the Foundry is great, Miniclip has failed to listen to any broader advice or constructive critique about what people wanted from the game. So much for all the "get involved", "give us suggestions", "we are listening" they spouted at the outset.

    Even the current prices of gold are making people run for the hills, and the constant tweaking of the game (weapon physics, arena) is enough to drive anyone insane.


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      Have not logged into game since they added second arena and jacked up prices.

      Their loss


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        Nah I dont play it anymore. The funny thing is that they are currently working on a fix for the bugs lol.
        So at least there wont be new features in 1 month min.

        I got bored of it,I doesnt worth it anymore currently...
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          Likewise, I stopped playing when they added the arena and changed prices.

          I have no problem with a company looking to make an extra few bucks, but the changes are extreme, just mindless money grubbing.

          All they've done is chase away customers. I get the feeling quite a lot of people have stopped playing, as every single time since that I loaded the game in, I see people complaining about waiting for ages for opponents.

          And of course they'll never undo the changes. Even when it's obvious that they're a mistake. Even if you convinced them that the prices don't make sense for the game they've currently got, they still wouldn't undo it.

          And don't get me started on that utter monstrosity of a map they flung together. And the repair time. Obviously none of the people developing the game actually ever play it.

          I love that it says 10 x-rays costs 1 gold bar. The same as 50. Do they just not give a fuck?

          I hope these people get well paid for their thoughtful hard work and dilligent ingenuity..
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            Honestly I only played during 1st week of the release... got bored after 1st day and then just kept checking in a bit...haven't loaded the game for over a month now...heck I haven't even opened Miniclip page as there's no good games left...
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